//// By law, 0930-02-01-.04 Scope of STRONG Act Tuition Reimbursement (5) as follows: “Service members who are eligible for FTA (Federal Tuition Assistance) as defined herein must apply for and use any tuition awarded through FTA.” If your initial/first TN STRONG packet was accepted and reimbursed, you must exhaust all FTA funds prior to the submission of any subsequent TN STRONG Act applications. FAILURE TO EXHAUST FTA ON ANY TN STRONG APPLICATION OTHER THAN THE FIRST/INITIAL REQUEST WILL RESULT IN A REDUCTION OR NON-PAYMENT OF THE REQUESTED TN STRONG TUITION REIMBURSEMENT AMOUNT. ////

*IF YOU ARE A CADET* and you are MOS Qualified you may be eligible and therefore required to first use Federal Tuition Assistance (FTA).

Please review the following supplemental information regarding eligibility and use of Federal Tuition Assistance (FTA):

FTA Info  FTA Policy Changes  ROTC FTA Policy

Deadlines for TN STRONG

Beginning with Summer 2021, the following deadlines are requested for completed TN STRONG application packets to the Office of Military Services:


Summer: Summer 2021 TN STRONG applications are due now, or by April 20.

Fall: Fall 2021 TN STRONG applications are due by April 20. 

Spring: Spring 2022 TN STRONG applications are due by September 13.

Dates subject to change. Check back for updates.