Our Adventurers

Meet the Adventurers

Dr. Stephanie Welsh — Assistant Professor of Psychology

Hello! I am the creator of this Study Abroad program. Dr. West and I will be accompanying the students on their European adventure!

​As a self-proclaimed nerd, I am a proud Ravenclaw with an adventurer’s spirit. I share my love of traveling with my high school sweetheart, Sean (left). I’ve visited over a dozen countries on three continents, including Africa. And though I could list several European cities as my favorite places in the world, Sevilla, Spain has a special place in my heart. In fact, I consider Sevilla to be a “home away from home” after living there for study abroad. If you ask me about the places I’ve been, I can go on for ages; so, beware! It’s probably no surprise, then, that my favorite activity is reading young adult fantasy and adventure novels (can you tell?). This is another topic I can discuss at length, and I’m always happy to give book suggestions! My daughter’s name, Athena (center), was inspired both by Rick Riordan’s books and our trip to Athens, Greece. It is my greatest pleasure to share my passion for travel and adventure with Carson-Newman students. There is no more enriching and enlightening experience as to explore the perspectives of others through travel. Let the adventure begin!

Dr. Nathan West — Assistant Professor of Counseling

Hi there! I will be working alongside Dr. Welsh as a leader and instructor on the 2023 C-N Interdisciplinary Study Abroad program. 

I enjoy hiking, biking, paddling, climbing, or pretty much anything that involves running around outside. When indoors, I enjoy watching a mind-bending TV show or picking up a memoir and a strong cup of coffee. That said, my favorite thing in the world is exploring new places (and foods!) alongside my wife, Kate (right). When we met in college, we quickly realized we were signed up for the same semester-long study abroad in Europe. Our adventures there—based in Verviers, Belgium and spanning over a dozen countries (and one legendary waffle stand)—sealed our fates as travel enthusiasts. Since then, we’ve been fortunate enough to lug our backpacks across the U.S. and into Canada and Mexico, taking our two dogs (Hugo and Martha) when at all possible.  

When it comes to my favorite spots in the world…I often find myself daydreaming about dropping my feet into a clear mountain lake in Montana, biting into a lobster roll in a New England harbor town, or wandering the lava fields of Hawaii Volcanoes National Park. But our adventures in Europe hold a special place in my heart. It changed the way I understood history and totally shook my ideas about how big the world is. Thirteen years later, I am still counting new ways studying abroad changed the trajectory of my life. To get more specific: Salzburg, Florence, and Cinque Terre were particularly magical. 

I am a firm believer that experiencing new sights, sounds, foods, and ways of life first-hand is one of the best tools we have for growing our understanding of the world and ourselves. I could not be more thrilled to take part in this journey through Europe with Carson-Newman students!