C-N Adventurers

Interdisciplinary Study Abroad Program

Welcome to an adventure of a lifetime! 

​Study abroad is one of the most enriching and enlightening experiences a university can offer. By experiencing new places and cultures, students receive first-hand exposure to different ways of thinking, promoting personal, professional, and social maturity. Stepping out into the world encourages students to develop highly valued life skills ranging from intercultural communication to critical thinking in problem solving. It is an adventurer’s dream.

This interdisciplinary study abroad program nurtures the collaborative spirit we strive to embody at Carson-Newman University. After choosing from a list of courses across a range of disciplines, students will experience a European trip from the perspective of their course as well as through an interdisciplinary lens. This is yet another way Carson-Newman University distinguishes itself as an excellent teaching school. Such an innovative, interdisciplinary study abroad program will help C-N Eagles to become the educated citizens and worldwide servant leaders we wish them to be.

The Value of Study Abroad

Not only is study abroad an invaluable learning experience, but it’s also cost effective. Adventurers will pay an estimated $6,000 (based on airfare rates and the number of adventurers who participate). Paying for everything included in this program on your own would cost over $9,000!

Our TripOn Your Own
Hotel accommodations$3,800
Transportation within cities$250
Transportation between cities$350
Entrance fees for planned activities$300
Guided tours by local experts$250
Local coordinator$200
Three guides$300
Welcome & Farewell dinners$50
6 university credits$2,400
Cost Comparison

Benefits of Study ABroad

There are numerous benefits from studying abroad! For example, you will:

  • Expand your world view and travel experience
  • Make new friends from around the world
  • Enhance your career opportunities with invaluable experience
  • Learn another language and dialect
  • Strengthen communication, team building and adaptability skills
  • Experience and learn another culture first-hand
  • Discover new things about your own culture
  • Boost your confidence and community leadership skills

Here are some other quick facts about studying abroad!

  • 35% of participants report a notable difference in their career plans
  • 58% of students who participate in study abroad programs actively pursue careers in other countries
  • 73% of employers view study abroad experience as an advantage in hiring decisions
  • 90% of employers believe that students who study abroad possess highly desirable skills