Bonner Scholars


Congratulations! You have found an opportunity right here at Carson-Newman University, which is part of a national network of over 75 colleges and universities affiliated with the Corella & Bertram F. Bonner Foundation, a non-profit organization in Princeton, NJ, dedicated to “providing access to education and opportunities to serve.” Students admitted to the Bonner Scholars program at Carson-Newman receive a package of scholarship support (the amount of the Bonner Scholarship varies by student, but can range from $3,000 – $25,000) in return for participating in an intensive program of community service, professional skill development, and working for positive change in the world. Participants are called “Bonners” for short.

To learn more about the network, or if you would simply like to find ways to become more involved with the community, come visit the Center for Community Engagement at 703 E King Street! 

The Bonner program offers a great opportunity for leadership training and experience. Our motto is “Become the Change,” meaning we seek to embody the changes we want to see in the world, which we express in our “Common Commitments.”

Social Justice: Individual submission to the Kingship of our Lord Jesus Christ informs the continual transformation of our communities in the image of His Kingdom. In our imperfect efforts, we await the return of our Lord Jesus, and for His Kingdom to be perfectly and eternally established by Him.

Civic Engagement: We are students in the United States of America and must be knowledgeable of the governmental institutions and foundational documents which structure our great nation’s past, present, and future.

Community-Building: We support Churches as the foundations of our communities. We also work alongside organizations in our communities as they serve the unique needs of our local population.

Spiritual Exploration: Our service itself should become a reflective, spiritual practice done for the glory of God. We strive toward a community of spiritual discipline and reflection for the deepening and widening of our faith.

International Perspective: We strive to love our neighbors as ourselves, both locally and internationally. Understanding the experiences of those in other societies informs the body of Christ in our efforts to serve our local communities.

Diversity: We believe in the value of diverse perspectives, working in cooperation for our common cause: discerning and executing God’s will for our communities through service. We believe that our differences exist to reveal the unifying Truth of how best to serve God and our society, and equip us uniquely to perform these duties.


Pero Brittz

Bonner Scholars Coordinator