Course Sharing – ACADEUM

ACADEUM Course Sharing Consortium

Carson-Newman students can earn credit through on-line classes offered through Acadeum, a consortium of similar colleges and universities. This partnership allows the university to support our students to achieve their educational goals by making progress toward the degree in a timely manner.

Credit taken and earned through the consortium will be calculated in the student’s status for financial aid eligibility.

Courses taken through the consortium are considered institutional credit and will impact a student’s GPA just like a course taken directly from C-N.

Course Approval

Courses taken to meet liberal arts core requirements may be approved by the University Registrar. The Registrar may consult with the department chair on the approval of the course. Courses taken to meet major requirements must be approved by the department chair of the major in which the courses are housed. The University Registrar and/or the Department Chair will review the course description, syllabi, and other documents to assess whether the course meets learning outcomes and other objectives as required of the course at C-N.

Course Requests

A student can request a course by logging in to the Acadeum Student Portal at this link:

A student must sign up for an account using their C-N email address.

A list of courses already pre-approved are listed on the portal for Carson-Newman. Other courses may be found by searching for courses that are not on the pre-approved list.

The University Registrar can assist the student in searching for courses on the portal.

Approving the request

The Registrar will receive information regarding the student’s request to take a course through the consortium. Upon receipt of the request, the Registrar will review the student’s eligibility to take the course to assure that the student needs the course to meet degree requirements.

Students can indicate the reason for taking the course in the comments section in the student portal.

Notification regarding course request

Course registration requires approval. The student will receive email communication from the Registrar regarding the status of the request indicating if it was approved or denied. If denied, the student can provide additional justification for taking the course. Sometimes a course may be denied because the student does not have the prerequisites to take the course through the consortium.

Course Costs and Billing

For courses offered during the summer term, the tuition that students pay is based on CarsonNewman’s summer hourly course rate. Carson-Newman will bill the student for courses taken through the Acadeum course sharing consortium.

For courses offered during the fall and spring semesters, the student will pay additional tuition charges for the cost of the course above the regular semester tuition charges.

Once a student enrolls in a course offered through the consortium, the student agrees to pay the costs for the course. Charges for the course will not be reversed after the second day of class, therefore, there will be no refund for the course after this date.


Courses taken through the Acadeum consortium will be transcribed similarly to a course taken at Carson-Neman but will include a notation on the transcript that the course was taken through the consortium. Grades will be assigned according to the grade scale established by the institution offering the course.

The deadline to drop a course with a W grade for a course taken through the consortium may be different than the drop deadlines for courses taken at C-N. Carson-Newman will use the drop deadlines for W or WF grades as assigned by the institution offering the consortium course.