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Jeremy Buckner

Provost & Professor of Music

Dr. Jeremy J. Buckner is Provost at Carson-Newman University in Jefferson City, Tennessee (2019 to present). As provost for the university, he serves in the absence of the president and oversees the work of the faculty and staff in the division of Academic Affairs. As a believer in Jesus Christ, Dr. Buckner is keenly concerned with our practice of Christian belief in and out of the classroom. As image-bearers of God, all of us share in the inherent worth, dignity, and value bestowed upon us by a loving Creator particularly expressed in Jesus Christ and his Gospel. As such, Dr. Buckner works with faculty and staff to manifest our mission as Christian educators through the experience of higher education. Chiefly, Christian higher education embodies the desire to love our God with our whole heart, mind, soul, and strength thus connecting our hearts, minds, and hands in Christ-centered educational excellence and service.

Prior to his appointment as provost, Dr. Buckner served as Dean of Adult and Graduate Studies (2015-2019), full-time faculty at Carson-Newman University as Director of Music Education (2008-2011) and Chair of the Music Department (2011-2015). His areas of teaching include music pedagogy, field experience preparation and supervision, and musicianship. Scholarly activities include research and presentation in areas of musical perception of beat and rhythm, musical behavior and preferences among children, and efficacy beliefs in pre-service music teachers. A 2011 Fellow of the Salzburg Global Seminar, Dr. Buckner spent 4 days with musicians, music researchers, music educators, and music advocates from around the world in Salzburg, Austria developing a resolution for the importance and necessity for access to music in education. An adamant constructivist, Dr. Buckner embraces a style of teaching that leads students through rich musical experiences in order that they may derive meaningful musical understanding. As department chair, Dr. Buckner served as the institutional representative to NASM (National Association of Schools of Music) and led the successful NASM accreditation reaffirmation efforts for the institution. Concomitantly, he served on TAMECU (Tennessee Association of Music Executives of Colleges and Universities) as liaison for the university. In addition to his administrative duties as department chair, he also led the 14 academic departments as Chair of the Chairs Council (2014-2015), a result of a new flat-administrative model at the university that he helped design and implement.

Outside of his primary duties with Carson-Newman, Dr. Buckner helps sponsor a local chapter of the Reformed University Fellowship and plays piano at his local church, Lakeway Presbyterian. Formerly, he has served as treasurer of the Theatre Guild of Morristown, a local non-profit organization. Having moved to Tennessee in 2008 from his home state of Texas, Dr. Buckner had soon discovered that he had moved home so to speak. His genealogy includes first families of Tennessee, particularly Jefferson County and Hamblen County, where, serendipitously, he works and lives respectively. 

The Provost Office is located on the first floor of the Fite Administration Building.

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