Health Services

Welcome to C-N Health Services!

Carson-Newman University Health Services, located in the Kathleen Manley Wellness Center, provides non-emergent outpatient care for all currently enrolled students on campus.

Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, we are screening patients upon arrival and may require COVID testing for respiratory symptoms. However, we are seeing patients in person but are taking extra precautions to help protect the health of our students, faculty and staff. 

With the health of our students in mind, a COVID-19 test will be recommended for any respiratory illnesses or COVID-19 related symptoms. COVID-19 testing is available in Health Services by appointment for students who have symptoms or who are at least 5 days post-exposure to COVID-19 with no symptoms. Other community based COVID-19 testing sites include CVS, Walgreens, and any of the local Health Departments. We recommend that students be familiar with their insurance plan and that students with chronic health conditions establish care with a local primary care provider as soon as possible.

Student Health Portal

We have now transitioned to a free Electronic Medical Record System, which can be found on Please view the FAQ section below for more information:

We are excited to offer all actively enrolled Carson-Newman students access to This allows students to securely message their individual providers, schedule their own appointments to fit their busy schedules, sign up to receive email or text reminders of upcoming appointments and is a one-stop shop of uploading immunization records. 

These are HIPAA compliant records that only yourself, your medical provider and/or your counselor have access to. The student health portal is a secure form of record keeping and communication. These are not connected to your educational records. 

You will login to your portal under and on the homepage you will see a link saying, “Schedule an Appointment”. You will then choose either Health or Counseling Services. This system allows you to schedule appointments at any time. You may also cancel your appointment and reschedule. 

If you prefer to call or email Health or Counseling Services to schedule an appointment you may still do this by calling 865-471-3350 or emailing or 

If you have never been to either health or counseling services, we recommend coming at least 15 minutes early to your appointment to complete your paperwork. There will be a QR code you can scan to take you to the portal, or you will receive instructions from our Administrative Assistant, where you will login to the portal. We will then instruct you to update your profile, health and counseling history, and sign the Treatment Agreement. There may be an additional survey/questionnaire depending on the reason for your visit. 

Please come to the side door entrance of the Wellness Center and check-in with our administrative assistant. You are welcome to wait in either the Health or Counseling Services waiting area. We also have a free coffee and snack bar that you are welcome to help yourself to anytime. 

There will be iPads in both Health and Counseling services waiting areas for you to use to login to your health portal and fill out any necessary information.

Kathleen Manley Building (Located next to Burnett Residence Hall)
1611 Russell Ave., Jefferson City, TN 37760 

Please come to the side entrance and check-in with our administrative assistant.

Students will not be charged for in-person or virtual office visits in Health Services but may incur charges when referred to off-campus providers. While Health Services does not bill insurance, it is recommended that all students be familiar with their insurance plan and carry their insurance card with them to all medical appointments. Taking a picture of the front and back of the card is a terrific way to ensure it will not be forgotten.

If antibiotics are warranted and patients want to purchase these from the clinic, there will be a $10 charge.

Clinic services include:

  • Testing of: COVID-19, flu, strep, mono, urinalysis and pregnancy test
  • TB skin testing at the start of the school year ($10 charge)
  • Treatment of acute illnesses such as respiratory/sinus infections, ear infections, stomach virus, etc.
  • In-house OTC and antibiotic medications
  • Treatment of minor injuries such as small cuts, scrapes, sprains, etc.
  • Treatment of some chronic conditions such as anxiety, depression, ADHD, etc. (Some diagnoses may require outside diagnosis before treatment occurs)

Carson-Newman University Health Services encourages the development of responsible health care habits. Medical excuses will not routinely be issued for missed classes or examinations. However, exceptions may be made in cases of contagious illness or severe illnesses requiring an extended recovery period. These statements are provided on an individual basis. It is the student’s responsibility to communicate directly with the instructors. Please review page 24 of the Carson-Newman University Undergraduate Catalog Class Attendance Policy.


Kristen Clingenpeel, FNP — Director of Health Services
Kathleen Manley Building
1611 Russell Ave., Jefferson City, TN 37760
Phone: (865) 471-3350