Case Management Services

What is Case Management Services?

The purpose of Case Management at Carson-Newman University is to collaborate with our students to identify the resources that will assist them in having the academic success and overall sense of well-being that they desire. Case Management is here to help students navigate the kinds of challenges and obstacles that EVERY student experiences.

Our Case Manager utilizes a “doing with” vs. a “doing for” approach in working with students. The Case Manager at C-N operates in a non-clinical capacity and does not provide counseling services. However, he will quickly connect with you with the resources that will meet your needs.

What we do

How we accomplish the mission:

  • Connecting students to on-campus and off-campus resources
  • Help students to communicate with their instructors concerning excused absences
  • Provide ongoing follow up and support as needed

Outcome we strive for:
Students having the academic success and level of well-being they desire while reaching their full potential as educated citizens and worldwide servant-leaders.

We care very much for our students. YOU MATTER!


To contact a Case Manager, please contact us at or 865-471-4083

Case Management Services is located in the Kathleen Manley Wellness Center on campus.