Guide to Residence Life

Your home for the next four years

We strive to ensure a safe, healthy, and respectful living environment for every student. As such, we require that students comply with the rules and regulations laid out in the current edition of the Guide to Residence Life, which can be viewed below.

Off-Campus Housing

All full-time, undergraduate students must live on campus. If a student would like to request to live off campus, he/she must request to live off campus within the Housing Portal. To live off campus, a student must meet one of the following minimum criteria prior to the beginning of the semester:

  • Must be 22 years of age
  • Must have obtained at least 90 credit hours (exclusive of dual-enrollment hours)
  • Must be living with a parent or legal guardian within a 50-mile radius
  • Must be married and living with spouse

If a student needs to live off campus due to a medical diagnosis, the student may proceed with contacting the Director of Disability Services, David Humphrey, to seek off-campus housing as an accommodation. Not all medical diagnoses may rise to the level of a disability accommodation. If the student is not approved to live off campus through Disability Services, the student may still appeal the policy as outlined below.

If a student does not meet the requirements to live off campus and does not meet the requirements to receive a medical accommodation to live off campus, students may appeal this policy. To appeal, a student must email their appeal letter to This appeal is reviewed by the Off-Campus Review Board and a decision will be communicated within two weeks. This is an appeal of the policy and is the final decision for the semester. A student may submit one appeal per semester.