First-Year Experience

First-Year Experience

The First-Year Experience initiative at Carson-Newman is designed to bring first-year students together to create an enhanced and stimulating atmosphere on campus through the development of a service-learning culture. FYE works to develop the relationship between campus life and the classroom by blending the lines of where one ends and the other begins.

Campus Life Involvement

  • Peer Mentoring in the classroom during the first semester
  • Help students take intentional steps to build community
  • Series of events, including partnerships with other offices, organizations, and student leaders for first-year students
  • Create opportunities for students to connect and explore campus resources, and the community surrounding Carson-Newman


Orientation can be your exciting, engaging, and one-of-a-kind experience that allows you to leap into campus life at Carson-Newman University. This experience gives you the opportunity to meet new friends and get involved on campus. Our Orientation Leaders are equipped with the knowledge to tackle any questions you may have. Incoming Freshman and Transfer Students are encouraged to participate in this uniquely Carson-Newman experience.

New Student Orientation

First-Year Events are designed to encourage first-year students to engage with campus and community partners through large-scale events on campus. First Year Events are a great to way get involved with student organizations and meet new people through shared experiences.
Here are some examples of First Year Events: 

  • Campfire Karaoke
  • Meet Your Major Fair
  • Fall Festival
  • Video Game Night
  • Tie-Dye T-Shirts
  • AND so much more!

Eagle Guides serve as peer mentors to first-year students within assigned LA 101/102 courses to help students identify and utilize the campus and community resources necessary for academic and social success at Carson-Newman. In addition, Eagle Guides shepherd first-year students in the classroom and plan first-year events.