Peer Tutoring


Our Peer Tutoring is designed to help you understand difficult concepts and become confident with your knowledge, all in a relaxed setting. Tutoring offers academic support in a variety of subjects. Our Peer Tutors are students just like you! This is a drop-in and virtual service, so just come when you want and leave when you are done.

Peer Tutoring held Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, & Thursday from 4:45 p.m.- 9 p.m.
Drop-in sessions are in Room 217 of the Student Success Center (2nd floor of the Library.) Student may also schedule Teams session tutoring.

Click HERE for Peer Tutoring subjects, schedule, and Team tutoring instructions.


  • Current C-N student have access to “Brainfuse” through their Canvas system.
  • C-N Library offers numerous online resources and the service of LIVE online chats with their research librarians.

What is the Peer Tutoring program?

The Peer Tutoring program is a free program of support for all currently enrolled Carson-Newman undergraduate students. We offer Peer Tutoring in most courses, and there is no charge to students. Peer Tutoring meets weekly at regularly scheduled times in various areas of the campus. Each group has a peer leader, and is designed to help any student who needs assistance in meeting their academic goals.

Who are the Peer Tutoring leaders?

Peer Tutoring leaders are Carson-Newman students who are interested in helping other students learn in a comfortable, friendly, peer situation. Peer Tutoring leaders have earned at least a 3.0 cumulative GPA, have an A or B in the course for which they lead a group and have the recommendation of at least one professor. Our leaders all complete a Peer Tutoring training program.

How do I find Peer Tutoring?

The Student Success Center schedules Peer Tutoring each semester. A schedule of subjects, times, days, and locations are available on this website or in the Student Success Center. Your professor should also have that information. Students may request information by calling 865-471-3567 or by coming to the Student Success Center, which is located on the 2nd floor of the Library.

Who benefits from attending Peer Tutoring?

Any student who needs some assistance in a class will benefit. Whether you want to go from a “F” to a “C” or a “B” to an “A”, being a part of a study group can be immensely helpful. Working with your Peer Tutoring leader and others can lead to a greater understanding of the concepts you are trying to learn.


You can expect your leader to be a friend to respect your privacy, to be knowledgeable, to attend all scheduled sessions, to help you prepare for tests, to encourage you and to help you develop your study skills.

Your Peer Tutoring leader will expect you to be on time for scheduled sessions, to have read the assignment, to bring your materials (textbook, notes, etc.) to have done your homework first and come with questions. Understand that he or she is a peer helper, not a teacher.

PLEASE NOTE: Peer Tutoring leaders will not edit, correct, or help you with homework that is to be graded. They will try and help you develop critical thinking skills, work similar problems, assist you in understanding how you can do your work, and recommend other resources such as reference librarians, your professors and web resources.

How can I become a Peer Tutoring leader? If you are looking for extra income, enjoy helping others, have at least a 3.0 cumulative GPA, an A or B in the course for which you would like to be a group leader, a recommendation from the professor and can work flexible hours, then being a study group leader may be for you. Being in our Peer Tutoring program supplements the classroom instruction by helping students clarify concepts from classes, guiding of skills practice and helping with learning effective strategies. Applications to be a Peer Tutoring leader are available in the Student Success Center.

What will be expected of me if I become a Peer Tutoring leader?

Provide individual and group tutoring for subject areas and study strategies as appropriate will attend all and be prompt for tutoring sessions attend training workshops and meetings as required refer students to the Director if the student’s personal and/or academic needs are beyond the scope of the tutor’s expertise will keep accurate records will participate in an evaluation process will maintain confidentiality at all times.

Study Skills

The Student Success Center also offers seminars and one-on-one appointments for students who need assistance with Study Skills. Call (865) 471-3567 for more information.