Bachelor of Science in Professional Studies


The Bachelor of Professional Studies is a flexible degree that moves at the speed of business. The BPS allows students to customize their career path by gaining professional skills in areas of high-demand job growth. Students can customize their learning experience by selecting three different BPS certificate programs to build their degree. In a dynamic and ever-changing business environment, many professionals change careers or job roles over time. This flexible degree program helps prepare students for a variety of in-demand careers throughout their lives. 


120 hours

Fully online

What you can expect from your professional studies degree: 

  • In-depth skills. Students graduate prepared with the specific depth of skills needed to achieve their professional pursuits 
  • Ready to serve society. Graduates are equipped with the core breadth of professional skills they need to succeed and act as servant leaders in society. 
  • Reach new heights. Students graduate ready to achieve new heights in their professional and personal lives. 
  • Lifelong learning. Students graduate empowered to reach their full potential through lifelong learning. 


Professional Studies Jobs

Here’s what you can do with a degree in Professional Studies

  • Brand Manager
  • Operations Manager
  • Human Resources Manager
  • Project Manager
  • Office Manager

Degree requirements

General Education Core 36 Hours

Professional Studies Major 42 Hours

Professional Studies Core 6-8 hours

Microcredential 1 12 Hours

Microcredential 2 12 Hours

Microcredential 3 12 Hours

Electives 42 Hours

Apply to the professional studies program

To apply for the Carson-Newman Professional Studies Bachelor Degree Program, please follow these steps:

  1. Complete and online application
  2. Submit transcript(s)

Professional Studies FAQs

What Is Professional Studies? 

A professional studies degree program is designed to give students the knowledge, training, experience, and skills to become successful in a professional career. These degrees offer more than just classroom lectures and tests; they provide practical skills and techniques that can be used immediately in the workplace. They are typically chosen by those wishing to enter into a specific profession or by those already in the workforce who want to update their skills. Professional studies encompasses a wide range of disciplines, such as business administration, healthcare management, finance, computer science, multimedia development, and even fashion design, depending on the individual student’s interests. 

Is Professional Studies a Valuable Degree?

Pursuing a professional studies degree is an excellent choice for any student looking to blend traditional academic disciplines with a custom education. Whether you’re acquiring additional knowledge to strengthen your current skill set or seeking the flexibility of mixing courses from different departments, this type of degree can give you the skills to thrive in today’s job market. Graduates with a professional studies degree often have more control over their career paths and combine elements from several different fields into one productive and successful portfolio.

What Can you Do with a Professional Studies Degree?

There are plenty of career opportunities available with a professional studies degree. Whether you want to pursue a career that involves research and analysis or use the degree for an executive role, your professional studies degree will give you the tools to achieve those goals. You will develop knowledge in practical skills, such as communication and project management, that can be adapted to many different types of work environments. For example, graduates with a professional studies degree can pursue careers in business and management, healthcare, social work, hospitality management, digital media and communications, education, and more. With this versatile degree, you also have the freedom to explore various industries and disciplines depending on what interests you most.