Professional Studies


The Bachelor of Professional Studies is a flexible degree that moves at the speed of business. The BPS allows students to customize their own career path by gaining professional skills in areas that have high-demand job growth. Students can customize their learning experience by selecting three different BPS certificate programs to build their degree. In a dynamic and ever-changing business environment and many professionals changing careers or job roles over time, this flexible degree program helps prepare students for a variety of in-demand careers throughout their lives. 


120 hours

Fully online

What you can expect from your Bachelor of Science in Professional Studies 

  • In-depth skills. Students graduate prepared with the specific depth of skills needed to achieve their professional pursuits 
  • Ready to serve society. Graduates are equipped with the core breadth of professional skills they need to succeed and act as servant leaders in society. 
  • Reach new heights. Students graduate ready to achieve new heights in their professional and personal lives. 
  • Lifelong learning. Students graduate empowered to reach their full potential through lifelong learning. 


Degree requirements

General Education Core 36 Hours

Professional Studies Major 42 Hours

Professional Studies Core 6-8 hours

Microcredential 1 12 Hours

Microcredential 2 12 Hours

Microcredential 3 12 Hours

Electives 42 Hours