Master of Divinity (MDiv)

Master of Divinity

Deepen your spiritual calling with a Master’s degree in Divinity at Carson-Newman University. Develop the skills to make an impact as a minister, chaplain or religious leader.

Carson-Newman’s innovative Master of Divinity Program prepares students for real ministry in real churches. The Biblical and Theological Studies faculty of Carson-Newman has partnered with Knoxville area churches to design an imaginative curriculum that offers students the very best in vocational training for church ministry. Not only does the degree’s unique curriculum reflect the joint effort of pastors and scholars, but instruction in the program is also carried out in meaningful partnership with area churches.

MDiv classes meet on Tuesdays at the Knoxville Education Center.
The KEC is located at 9261 Middlebrook Pike, Knoxville, TN 37931.


  • Old Testament Foundations for Christian Life and Service, 3 hours
  • New Testament Foundations for Christian Life and Service, 3 hours
  • Themes in Biblical Theology, 3 hours
  • Interpretation of the Bible, 3 hours

  • Biblical Hebrew I, 3 hours
  • Biblical Hebrew II, 3 hours
  • Biblical Greek I, 3 hours
  • Biblical Greek II, 3 hours

  • History of Christianity I, 3 hours
  • History of Christianity II, 3 hours
  • Christian Doctrine I, 3 hours
  • Christian Doctrine II, 3 hours

  • Bible Exposition I, 3 hours
  • Bible Exposition II, 3 hours
  • Christian Leadership I, 3 hours
  • Christian Leadership II, 3 hours
  • Christian Leadership III, 3 hours
  • Christian Leadership IV, 3 hours
  • Pastoral Care, 3 hours
  • Ministry Practicum I, 1.5 hours
  • Ministry Practicum II, 1.5 hours
  • Ministry Practicum III, 1.5 hours
  • Ministry Practicum IV, 1.5 hours

  • World Religions, 3 hours
  • Great Commission Studies, 3 hours

  • Spiritual Formation I, 3 hours
  • Spiritual Formation II, 3 hours
  • Christian Ethics, 3 hours
  • Christian Philosophy, 3 hours


Graduate & Professional Studies
1646 Russell Ave.
Jefferson City, TN 37760

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Approximately one half of the courses in the MDiv are taught by full-time career pastors. Our MDiv program is designed and taught by ministers with the purpose of preparing students to become ministers of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Classes meet Tuesdays at our Knoxville Education Center.


The Master of Divinity program is comprised of:
  • 81 credit hours
  • 36 months
  • On-site classes

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