Aaron Taylor

Assistant Network and Systems Administrator

Originally from Asheville, NC, Aaron has lived in Tennessee since 1998. He considers Morristown to be his hometown since he has lived there most of his life, and he wouldn’t have it any other way. He grew up hunting, fishing and camping which eventually evolved into him joining the Boy scouts when his family moved to Morristown. He was a member of the Scouts since second grade and received his Eagle Scout award in 2008, after which he went on to receive three Eagle palms before he reached the age of 18. Once he had aged out of the scouts he became a junior assistant scout master and eventually a full-fledged scout master after his 21st birthday.

He is currently pursuing a degree in Computer Information Technology at the Tennessee Technology Center in Morristown and attends Central Baptist Church of Morristown. He spends most of his time with his family and friends, hunting, fishing and camping. He loves to be outside and on the lake whenever he can. He has had several people tell him they would have “never seen him as a computer guy growing up,” but working with computers seems to just come naturally.