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Blending Personal and Career Growth with Carson-Newman’s College of Professional Studies

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College promises many positive outcomes, but there is no denying that career plans play heavily into higher education decision-making. After all, in an enlightening survey from Gallup and Strada, over half of respondents reference career goals as their primary reason for attending college. Still, this survey reveals that there are several other reasons to commit to higher learning — and that personal growth is also a key factor.

If you have big plans for your career but are also committed to growing as an individual, you need a well-rounded program that promises numerous positive outcomes. This nuanced yet powerful perspective can be found within Carson-Newman’s College of Professional Studies, which emphasizes lifelong learning built upon a biblical foundation, not only as a vehicle for career growth but also as a path to personal fulfillment.

Understanding Carson-Newman’s Professional Studies Programs

At Carson-Newman, we are committed to supporting our students in their search for growth as individuals and as professionals. Genuine support means different things to different people. While some students benefit greatly from the structure and accountability provided by conventional majors, others prefer greater autonomy and flexibility.

Both approaches are valid, so we accommodate many types of students through our College of Professional Studies. Designed to meet the dynamic needs of students in every stage of their personal and career journeys, the College of Professional Studies provides several compelling paths and opportunities to tackle fascinating and meaningful coursework.

What Is a Professional Studies Program?

Professional studies programs encourage working students to learn about new topics and develop new skills as they see fit. These programs are often highly career-driven, but some students also pursue this path due to a sheer love of learning. Regardless of the academic or career focus, what sets these degrees apart is their ability to accommodate students from all walks of life, including busy working professionals who may require flexible scheduling.

At Carson-Newman, our vision for Professional Studies encompasses these essentials:

  • Extend programs to reach and serve new students
  • Enhance the Carson-Newman educational experience
  • Empower students to thrive throughout their lives

Unique Features and Strengths of These Programs

Through a commitment to fulfilling the extend, enhance, and empower vision, Carson-Newman’s College of Professional Studies offers several unique features and opportunities not always available through conventional degree programs. Examples include:

  • Potential to satisfy credit requirements via prior learning experiences
  • Opportunities to take accelerated 7.5-week courses
  • Fully online options to improve flexibility and accessibility
  • Hybrid options that blend online and in-person learning experiences
  • Access to academic advising, life coaching, and other student services
  • Faith-based education from a non-profit Christian university

The Nexus of Personal and Career Growth

Facilitating both personal and career opportunities, the College of Professional Studies offers a viable solution for students as committed to personal growth as they are to career advancement. Both ideals should be well within reach, and both are clearly prioritized in Professional Studies coursework.

Link Between Personal Development and Career Advancement

While the goals of personal development and career advancement are often positioned as either-or prospects, these are often closely aligned. After all, it is through the effort to advance their careers that college students develop skills and qualities that are personally meaningful. To note, cultural awareness, creativity, emotional intelligence, and even problem-solving are just some of those meaningful skills and qualities.

As they develop career-oriented skills, students also become better communicators. As a result, they’re able to build stronger relationships with friends and family members. Meanwhile, the effort to grow as individuals can translate to greater career success. For instance, students who seek faith-based learning may uncover their true calling, which can motivate them to take a deeper dive into challenging yet fulfilling coursework.

How These Programs Integrate Personal Growth Into Curriculum

Opportunities for personal growth are intentionally built into every Professional Studies course. From meaningful discussions to personal reflection and coverage of thought-provoking concepts, powerful learning activities and immersive experiences encourage students to embrace new perspectives and think deeply about how these concepts relate to their own lives.

Nurturing Dream Jobs Through Tailored Career Development

Do you have a compelling vision of your dream career path? First, you may need a specific degree or an expanded skill set. Both are well within reach when you enroll in a Professional Studies degree program.

Carson-Newman’s Approach to Career Development

At Carson-Newman, we recognize the challenges that can impede career development. More importantly, we provide actionable strategies for overcoming these obstacles. Experiential learning is a priority, as we believe that immersive experiences drive stronger takeaways and powerful skill development. We also recognize the value of accelerated options, which allow students to develop necessary skills quickly so that they can make swift progress toward their most ambitious goals.

Resources for Students Pursuing Their Dream Jobs

Skill development and college degrees can make a world of difference for career-minded students, but these alone may not be sufficient to uncover dream job opportunities or to get noticed by employers. Thankfully, Carson-Newman offers additional resources, which provide curated guidance and insight for ambitious students.

  • FOCUS 2 career exploration program
  • Hire an Eagle job bank
  • Alumni organizations

Cultivating Skills for Long-Term Success

Many of the skills developed through Professional Studies coursework can be immediately leveraged to produce powerful career outcomes, but the long-term benefits of higher learning should also be top of mind. All things considered, some skills will remain relevant far into the future. For example, strong communicators will always have the edge in networking and are also better positioned to thrive in leadership roles.

Skills Cultivated With Professional Studies Program

Technical skills are heavily built into a wealth of Professional Studies programs, with skill development activities carefully targeted to align with specific career goals. Beyond this, soft skills are emphasized, with the recognition that these are among the most in-demand skills cited by today’s top employers. Examples of soft skills worth developing include:

  • Communication
  • Creativity
  • Collaboration
  • Critical thinking

How These Skills Support Personal and Career Growth

Soft skills drive enhanced productivity and innovation while also helping professionals of all types work more effectively with cross-functional teams. These skills are central to leadership success, as the most effective leaders understand not only how to build rapport with many types of team members, but also how to inspire them and how to delegate key tasks. Soft skills are also crucial to personal growth; empathy and adaptability can guide informed decision-making and personal reflection.

Embracing Continuous Learning and Adaptation

A spirit of continuous learning is a must for ongoing growth as a person and as a professional. Professional Studies programs facilitate such growth by encouraging students from all backgrounds to embrace their love of learning.

Learning for Life in a Rapidly Evolving Market

The workforce is in a state of rapid change, with new tools, technologies, and mindsets driving both exciting opportunities and considerable challenges. Professional Studies programs equip students with the relevant skills needed to tackle today’s most significant concerns while also helping students become more agile and flexible so that they can respond effectively to the challenges of tomorrow.

Continuing Education and Skills

Continuing education is a must for promoting long-term skill development. This is available through degree programs, certificates, and targeted coursework, all of which promise to equip students with today’s most in-demand soft skills and technical competencies. There is no one ‘right’ way to commit to continuing education, but Professional Studies programs can provide the accountability and support that students desire.

How Carson-Newman Fosters Personal Career Growth

Carson-Newman students are eager to become better-informed and more capable individuals, but career goals are also top of mind. At Carson-Newman, career-oriented college programs emphasize practical skill development while also providing powerful networking opportunities and practical support for those seeking professional advancement.

Multiple Programs

Different students have different goals and preferences, sparked by their past experiences and current interests or skill gaps. Recognizing these varying needs, Carson-Newman offers degree programs at several levels, ranging from bachelor’s coursework to graduate degrees:

  • Bachelor’s. Programs in Business Administration and Computer Science are compelling, but Carson-Newman also offers a flexible Professional Studies degree that is an excellent option for working students with targeted goals.
  • Master’s. Appealing to those who hope to move into senior or leadership positions, master’s degrees encourage in-depth study. These are relevant to students from several fields, ranging from nursing to education and even theology.
  • Doctorate. As a terminal degree, a doctorate can be an amazing option for passionate students with ambitious career goals. At Carson-Newman, doctoral programs are available to high-level nursing and education professionals.

Take the Next Step in Your Personal And Career Journeys With Carson-Newman

Ready to embark on a journey of personal and career growth? Explore Carson-Newman’s College of Professional Studies Programs today and unlock your potential for success. Whether you’re pursuing your dream job or seeking to cultivate essential skills for long-term advancement, our tailored approach to education will empower you to thrive in today’s competitive job market. Take the first step toward a brighter future – enroll now and chart your path to success with Carson-Newman.

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