Members of the Women of Vision Leadership Council contribute their skills, resources and innovative ideas to advance the initiatives of the organization. 

Welcome from the Chair


I am drawn to Carson-Newman University. Both her purpose and her people inspire me.
The school’s guiding ideals, “Truth, Beauty, and Goodness,” are three attributes of transparent living. And while mottos are sometimes just words on a page, I have seen each of these principles alive on campus and in the time I have spent with Randall and Kay O’Brien.

Consider the daily pursuit of its mission. Students come to campus searching for God’s direction for their lives and careers. Thanks to dedicated Christian professors, these young people leave Carson-Newman as educated citizens and world-wide servant leaders. Having been changed, they leave Jefferson City to go help change the world.

There is also a vibrant spirit of service that exemplifies Carson-Newman’s Christian environment that nurtures students from adolescence to adulthood. It’s nothing less than Goodness lived out as a demonstration of Christ’s love.

These are just a few of the reasons that I am pleased to partner with Women of Vision. I hope you will join us as we strive to support the important work of Christian higher education at Carson-Newman University.

We value your participation, encouragement, prayers and gifts.

In service to Christ,

Ruth Graham

Honorary Chair