Alumni Awards

Alumni & Supporter Awards

As a Christian University seeking to recognize those who help advance the mission, vision, and values of Carson-Newman, we honor persons who demonstrate the traits of those in Scripture who — often with no fanfare — serve, lead, support and love in a manner indicative of the calling of Christian educators to help our students reach their full potential as educated citizens and worldwide servant-leaders.

Listed below are our list of Alumni & Supporter Awards and their descriptions. You may submit a nomination for any of these awards using the form at the bottom of the page.

Occasionally circumstances occur that serve as an indicator or predictor of things to come. Sometimes, those attributes are noticeable in people. In those instances, despite being younger or less experienced, one still can see the wisdom, ability and skill possessed by the individual. This award is presented to the alum or supporter of Carson-Newman under the age of 42 who, like a beacon providing light, personifies these attributes and has achieved and affected success in their respective fields or professions while also making significant contributions in areas of service.

Good leaders often emerge at the top simply because of the way they go about their business. They become leaders, not because they aspire to be but because they are shaped that way, with an instinct to be able to rise to the occasion and get things done. The dedication that comes with a long-term commitment is a cornerstone of serving with distinction. To qualify as a recipient of this award, an alum or supporter has shown their long-term commitment to a project or projects that may not be easily seen up front, but has developed through work, effort and innovation, a result that changed for the better, and made a significant impact on their industry, profession or chosen field.

Long-term effects are often set in motion by a decision we make. This award is presented to a family who, through a decision to attend Carson-Newman University, support its mission or both, resulted in multiple generations of family members following that path. Honorees must have a minimum of at least three generations of family receive degrees from Carson-Newman and support the University’s mission through their life’s work, years of involvement and commitment to the university by their service, personal and financial giving, and an obvious effort to influence others to attend Carson-Newman. All generations are to have affected success in their chosen field and contributed significantly to areas of service.

True servant leaders often do not ask for their assignments, but they almost always accept them. They work for the mission and not for themselves, making sacrifices along the way and many times not seeing the results of their labor. This award is presented to a Carson-Newman alum or supporter who exemplifies the attributes of servant leadership, consistently volunteering or agreeing to accept roles to advance the mission and vision of Carson-Newman University while also affecting success in their chosen field.

Leaders not only are in charge, but good ones model the mission and mentor others in creating, developing or elevating the achievement of their groups, organizations or causes. All these components lead to success. This award, chosen by the deans and a selection panel from various schools, is given to the outstanding graduate in each category who has taken what they learned as a student and an individual and triumphed success in their respective fields of study making an impact through their work on those they serve. 

Visionaries see a need and find a way to fill the gap. They think, develop a plan, engage others to get on board and accomplish things many may have thought impossible. This award is presented to an individual, group or team that has seen a need to help advance Carson-Newman and its mission, assisted in developing a plan and took on a leadership role in seeing it to fruition. The honoree(s) are to have affected success in their chosen field and contributed significantly to areas of service.