Transfer Pathways

Transfer Pathways

Carson-Newman will receive any Associate of Arts or Associate of Science degree earned from a regionally accredited institution in full!  That means you’ve satisfied your Liberal Arts core at C-N met with the exception of three Carson-Newman specific classes.  Our admission counselors are happy to help you see just how much progress toward your degree that you’ve already made and what classes you still need to finish your bachelor’s degree at C-N.

If you don’t have an associate degree, you will receive a class-by-class transfer evaluation and a personalized degree plan during your admission process.

Carson-Newman also recognizes and participates in the Tennessee Transfer Pathways program, and is often able to go beyond them in flexibility for you.  Connect with an admission counselor at or 865-471-3223 today to learn exactly how your credits will transfer to Carson-Newman!  We are happy to provide you with a transfer evaluation and a basic degree audit that will show you how all of your credits apply to your bachelor’s degree.

You can learn more about the Tennessee Transfer Pathways and C-N below.

Carson-Newman University offers TBR Transfer Pathways in the following:

Accounting A.S.
Art A.A.
Biology A.S.
Business A.S.
Chemistry A.S.
Computer Science A.S
Early Childhood Education A.S.
Early Childhood Education (Pre K-3) A.S.T.
English A.A.
Exercise Science
General Studies A.A.
History A.S.
History A.A.
Math A.S.

Music A.A.
Philosophy A.A.
Physics A.S.
Political Science A.A.
Political Science A.S.
Psychology A.S.
Psychology A.A.
Sociology A.S.
Sociology A.A.
Spanish A.A.
Speech Communication A.S.
Speech Communication A.A.
Theatre A.A.

Please contact the Office of Undergraduate Admissions for more details

Carson-Newman was named to the 2023 Transfer Honor Roll in recognition of the dynamic pathways we have created to support community college transfer students.