Types of Aid

University Scholarships & Grants

Carson-Newman offers many merit-based academic and talent scholarships funded by private donors to the University, as well as significant need-based grants in varied amounts each year to undergraduate students seeking their first degree. We award the maximum in scholarships & grants before we apply other forms of aid such as student employment or loans:

State and Federal Aid

 Carson-Newman students may be eligible to receive additional state and federal financial aid in the form of grants and loans. The State of Tennessee offers many scholarships, grants, and loan forgiveness programs to eligible Tennessee residents.

Veteran’s Benefits

Carson-Newman processes VA benefits and participates in the Yellow Ribbon Program through the Registrar’s Office.

Tuition Exchange Programs and Employee Benefit Programs

Carson-Newman participates in the Council of Independent Colleges, The Tuition Exchange, and the International Association of Baptist Colleges and Universities. These programs are open to students whose parents are employed at other colleges or universities. Some students may also be eligible for other employee tuition benefits. Students eligible to receive benefits under one of these exchanges or another employee tuition benefit, regardless of the source, will not qualify for dollars from other Carson-Newman Scholarships & Grants in excess of the tuition benefit since they are also tuition based awards. Carson-Newman University applies a gift aid cap policy to all award letters in that only direct charges of tuition (no overtime charges are covered), mandatory fees, room and board may be covered by university, federal, and/or state gift aid to all students. Federal and state aid recipients may also qualify for a standard book allowance in the calculation of any gift aid cap.  The effect on outside scholarship aid in the gift aid cap calculation will be determined on an individual basis based on the restrictions of the outside scholarship(s). Questions regarding your eligibility for a tuition exchange should be directed to your college’s plan administrator. Questions regarding other employee tuition benefit programs should be directed to your human resource office. Contact Carson-Newman’s Treasurer’s Office for further questions regarding upcoming exchange deadlines and requirements.

Student Employment (Work-Study)

Many Carson-Newman students offset their college expenses with work-study jobs across campus, ranging from the library to administrative offices to computer support to community service positions. The University typically supports over 400 work-study positions each year.


Loans are awarded to students after all other eligible assistance has been awarded. Students will be offered the federal student loans that they are qualified to receive based on the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) results.

If a student needs additional loan funding, the student’s parent may apply for a Parent PLUS loan, or the student can apply for a private/alternate loan.