Feeling Stressed? Here’s How Your Faith Is the Key

Feeling Stressed? Here's How Your Faith Is the Key

Stress is part of the human experience. In college, the stress of finals, the demand of finding a work-life-school balance, and the overall anxiety that comes from this transitional period of life can all create a stress-filled few years. In fact, stress is a commonly reported problem for young adults, and many do not possess coping strategies to use when they are feeling stressed. If you are a believer, then you have an advantage. By turning to your faith and trusting in the Lord during stressful times, you will be able to thrive.

Why Is Having Faith Important?

Modern society has many stresses, and the COVID-19 pandemic has increased stress levels significantly. In a report from the American Psychological Association, Stress in America 2022: Concerned for the Future, issues like inflation and lack of trust in the government are shown to increase stress levels significantly. Sadly, many do not have the ability to place their trust in the Lord, and this leaves them chronically stressed.

Unfortunately, chronic stress can have a negative impact on people. In fact, around 46% of adults under the age of 35 surveyed said they are so stressed that they cannot function. The majority of those ages 18 to 34 indicated that most days, they are completely overwhelmed by stress. These statistics make sense because college-age young adults face the pressure of school and new careers on top of all the additional stresses of modern life.

This ongoing stress can have a negative impact on health. Adults report headaches and fatigue as symptoms, and many report feeling depressed or anxious. Over time, long-term exposure to stress hormones can increase the risk of mental health concerns, cardiovascular disease, and obesity.

As a Christian, you may face some of these same fears and stresses, but you have an advantage. You have the Lord and your faith in your life, which can make stress easier to handle. When you have strong faith, you know who controls the future, and you can trust that the Lord has your best interests in mind, even when life looks bleak.

How Faith Can Reduce Stress

College is a stressful time, and there is not a lot you can do as a college student to reduce the stress. You will have a heavy workload, the challenge of balancing school and work, and the difficulties of figuring out where you are going in life. Thus, you will face a decent amount of stress.

People facing chronic stress must find a way to cope. Unfortunately, turning to food, shopping, or mindless distraction is not the healthiest option, and it is the option many will choose. While there are many ways to manage stress, and some are more effective than others, the reality is that the best solution is to lean into your faith. Instead of turning to food or distracting yourself, turn your attention to God and your faith for the strength to manage your stress. If you are a Christian, the Lord gives you many tools through your faith to help make stress easier to manage. Here are six of them.


Praying gives you a chance to turn your cares and concerns over to God, who is really the only one who can manage them. It’s effective at reducing stress, too. The Stress in America report indicated that prayer was an effective way to manage stress healthily for people of faith. Prayer allows you to place your trust in God and strengthen your faith on a very personal level.

Reading Your Bible

Prayer is talking to God, and reading your Bible is allowing God to talk to you. Spend time immersed in the Word every day. Life is busy, so you may not have hours to dedicate to Bible reading, but you can spend just a bit of time in the Word every day. Doing so will help you stay centered and reduce the chance that your stress will become overwhelming.

Attending Worship Service

Prayer and Bible reading are effective tools to combat stress, but you cannot fight stress in a vacuum. Another way to ensure you are working through your faith during a difficult time is to meet with other believers. Hebrews 10:25 warns Christians against skipping church, so find a body of believers to worship with and make regular attendance a priority. You may feel that you don’t have time to go, but the reality is that going to worship services will strengthen your faith and better equip you to manage stress.

Trusting in Your Faith

When you have a strong trust in God, you know that He is in control of all aspects of your life. This brings a sense of peace as you surrender to the Lord and learn to depend on Him, even when life is stressful. You can use scripture to learn more about His character and why you can trust Him to carry you through these difficult times.

Living Your Life in Your Faith

Once you build that strong sense of trust in God, you can use it to live your life. The Bible is a handbook for living, and it is full of instructions for daily life. Rely on the Lord to guide your actions and steps, while also using His power to give you the strength to do what is on your plate each day. Follow His guidelines in the Bible to learn how to manage stress. Remember, the Holy Spirit that resides inside a Christian is the same Spirit that conquered death in the resurrection, so rely on His power.

Not Losing Your Faith

No matter what life and college throw at you, remember where your faith resides. It resides in the God of the universe who has all power and all knowledge. When you abide in Him and His strength, you can tackle most of life’s challenges with confidence. The moment you take your eyes off God and what He has done for you, you will lose the confidence that comes from your strong faith.

Have Faith

When you face stressful circumstances, keep your faith. Remember who created you and who has a plan for you. Trust the Lord to give you the strength to take the next steps and leave the outcome in His capable hands. By doing so, you will be in a far better position than many other college students who are experiencing the stress of this unique time in life.

Start Your Faith-Filled College Journey Today

If you are not yet enrolled in college, look for a school that will help you establish your faith and move forward in it. Carson-Newman is a Christian university that offers a rich educational experience backed by strong faith education. Learn more about pursuing religious training at Carson-Newman today, or contact our admissions team to discuss your educational goals. See how a Christian university can help you strengthen your faith while gaining the practical education you need for your future career success.

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