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Choosing the Right BBA Program: Considerations for Selecting Your Business School

Choosing the Right BBA Program: Considerations for Selecting Your Business School

Ready to start working toward your Bachelor of Business Administration? Earning a BBA is a strategic career move for those interested in going into business for themselves or building a career in the corporate world. Regardless of why you may want to learn more about business management and economics, your first step will be choosing the right college. 

At Carson-Newman University, we want prospective students to understand what should go into choosing the right BBA program and university, such as researching the school’s success rate and considering its BBA program reputation. To that end, we’ve compiled a checklist of elements you may want to research before entrusting any university with your future business career. We’ve also tossed in a few BBA application tips to help the process run more smoothly.

Accreditation and Reputation

The first step in planning your BBA degree is narrowing down your business school selection. Choose only from accredited business schools. Otherwise, the credits you pay for and earn may not transfer to other institutions. Employers also may not recognize a degree earned from an unaccredited school. Accreditation simply means that the school you’ve chosen has been evaluated by an accrediting body and found to meet established standards. It means, as a student in an academic program there, you’ll learn the necessary skills for the job.

Carson-Newman University is accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges. Therefore, the credits you earn here are both reputable and transferrable to other institutions of learning.

Curriculum and Specializations

Next, you’ll want to examine your school’s business administration programs and explore their undergraduate business degrees. Do they offer a BBA? What type of BBA curriculum choices do they provide? Does the coursework sound like it will prepare you adequately for the job you hope to pursue? These are all important considerations to keep front of mind when choosing the right BBA program.

You’ll also want to explore their list of available specializations. Usually, students who are pursuing business degrees choose a particular focus area. Some of the best BBA specializations include:

  • Accounting
  • Finance management
  • Marketing
  • Human resource management
  • Tourism and hospitality
  • Entrepreneurship

Make sure to run down the list of available business education options before applying for enrollment.

Faculty Expertise and Industry Connections

What about the faculty qualifications? Does it appear as though the instructors at your university are well-equipped to impart the knowledge you’re seeking? Do they hold degrees in business, and is the university well-connected within the business world? Industry connections in education make it easier for students to find work after graduation. Your degree may hold more weight in the business world if your school’s reputation for quality precedes them.

Business school rankings are important, too. Where does your choice of university fall on the ranking scale and why?

Internships and Practical Experience

Internships are ideal methods of gaining the type of work experience that sets you apart from your peers. Choose a university that offers solid internship opportunities for BBA students or that’s willing to help you locate them yourself. This, again, ties back to your school’s involvement in the business industry. Even a work-study program, such as working in the school bookstore, can help you gain valuable business experience that looks good on a resume.

Study Abroad and Exchange Programs

Are you someone who’s interested in studying abroad? Study abroad benefits students in several ways. For instance, it can give you a type of invaluable business experience. It tells employers that you’re flexible and willing to travel when necessary, and it drives home your passion for the work. It may also provide a glimpse into how businesses operate in different areas of the world. Having that global perspective is something that could easily shortlist your application for your future dream job.

With this in mind, inquire about exchange opportunities for business students before settling on a university. Many institutions, including Carson-Newman University, offer programs like these. In fact, at Carson-Newman, you may have the exciting option to continue your studies in Japan, China, Spain, or South Korea.

Facilities and Resources

Another vital consideration students should weigh before making a business school selection is the type of campus facilities and college resources available. Campus facilities for business students should include, at a minimum, a computer lab, conference rooms, a lounge area, cafeteria, and a dormitory facility. Universities score bonus points for adding green spaces and designated study zones to their campus layouts.

When it comes to resources, a convenient student activity area is always handy. Other offerings that can enrich the college experience include:

  • Career counseling services
  • Work-study opportunities
  • Financial aid assistance
  • College bookstore
  • On-site chapel
  • Internship opportunities

Your choice of business school is only as good as its faculty, reputation, and amenities. Be sure to take these important points into consideration before settling on a university.

Alumni Network and Career Services

Many first-time students overlook the importance of choosing a business school that offers alumni network advantages. Alumni benefits are advantageous to current and former students, which means you’ll continue to reap the rewards well beyond graduation. For example, at Carson-Newman University, our alumni program encourages past graduates to share job openings with the university career center. By recruiting from the CNU student body, businesses not only find skilled and trained employees, but they’re also helping a CNU alum get gain a foothold in the industry.

Before making a business school selection or committing to one of the many business administration programs available, we encourage you to research the school’s business school alumni success rate to get a clearer picture of how past graduates of the program are faring.

Financial Considerations and Scholarships

The overall cost of attendance is always top of mind when selecting a business school. At Carson-Newman University, financial aid may be available for those who qualify. In fact, roughly 96 percent of CNU students use financial aid to help cover the costs of earning their degree. Along with grant and loan opportunities, CNU also offers numerous scholarship opportunities, both merit- and need-based. Students are encouraged to speak with a financial aid representative for more information on financial aid for BBA programs.

Location and Campus Life

You should consider the location of your future university as well as the quality of life on campus if you plan to live in the dorms. Does the school have a safe reputation? Does it employ a trained security staff? Is it located in an area that offers unique opportunities for collaboration with local businesses? In reality, there is a location impact on education. Choosing a university that’s too far out of the way could hinder your opportunities as you begin your career as a business student or new business graduate.

Application Requirements and Deadlines

Lastly, you’ll want to familiarize yourself with your school’s application process, including deadlines and requirements. You must turn in all necessary information when it’s due to avoid costly fees and waitlisted classes. This includes allowing time for transcripts to transfer from other institutions.

Plan ahead by beginning your application process early. This will help you avoid unforeseen delays that could prevent you from starting classes on opening day.

Learn more!

Carson-Newman University is a Christian-based liberal arts university located in East Tennessee. It’s our mission to help our students realize their full potential in whichever industry they choose to pursue. To that end, we offer more than 50 majors along with 11 graduate degree options and the opportunity to study abroad for students who are interested. As Christian educators, we strive to inspire and motivate students to become world-class servant-leaders, while preparing them to achieve success beyond graduation.

At Carson-Newman University, we’re educating tomorrow’s Christian leaders today. We invite you to learn more about the many benefits of choosing a Carson-Newman education by filling out our convenient online information form. A representative will be in touch to answer any enrollment questions you may have and to help guide you through the application process. 

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