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How Will A Master Of Education Help My Career? Why An M.Ed. Is Worthwhile? 

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As a passionate educator, you go the extra mile to give students the support they need. You’ve accomplished a great deal as a teacher, but what if you’re ready for more? A Master of Education in Curriculum and Instruction (M.Ed.) could be the next step in your professional trajectory.

What Is a Master of Education?

The Master of Education in Curriculum and Instruction (M.Ed.) is one of several graduate-level programs offered through Carson-Newman’s Education Department. Primarily intended for current Pre K-12 teachers with career aspirations outside the conventional classroom, this degree helps ambitious professionals secure specialized credentials.

The M.Ed. differs considerably from the Master of Arts in Teaching (MAT), which strengthens students’ classroom skills but is not intended as a means of transitioning to other professional roles. Both degrees are valuable — but they focus on dramatically different types of interactions with students and other professionals. Think of the M.Ed. as a path to working behind the scenes or in a one-on-one capacity, rather than continuing to focus on classroom leadership.

What Does a Master of Education Program Involve?

The M.Ed. curriculum is built on a blend of foundational and specialized courses. It is rooted in a common core designed to expand your understanding of the philosophical, ethical, and administrative underpinnings of the modern educational system. Essential courses include:

  • Effective Home, School, Community Relations
  • Evaluation for Continuous Improvement or Evaluation of Learning
  • Foundations of Leadership
  • Techniques for Inclusion of Diverse Learners

In addition to these important classes, you’ll devote your time to several electives or emphasis courses. These will prepare you for success in a professional track of your choosing.

Key offerings at Carson-Newman include:

  • Educational Leadership
  • Reading Specialist
  • Teaching ESL
  • Coaching
  • Special Education

What Are the Top Career Advantages of Obtaining a Master of Education?

If you’re passionate about education and determined to make a positive impact, your M.Ed. will equip you with the elite skills, knowledge, and perspective you need to succeed. 

For M.Ed. graduates, higher-level positions are possible, along with increases in compensation. According to Nation Council on Teacher Quality, you could earn over $2,000 more in your first year of teaching with a master’s degree; compared to just a bachelor’s degree. With the right credentials, many educators find that this field can provide a stable and very comfortable way of life.

Other advantages worth considering include:

Satisfy Requirements for Credentials

An M.Ed.’s targeted areas of emphasis provide valuable preparation for the Praxis exam. From there, you can acquire a variety of endorsements or licenses. Not only can these provide a powerful boost to your resume, some endorsements may serve as a minimum requirement to entry for specialty, administrative, or leadership positions. Even when such credentials aren’t outright required, they provide a competitive edge during the application and interview process.

Networking Opportunities

Your M.Ed. will introduce you to some of the field’s most inspiring individuals. You’ll have the opportunity to build strong relationships with like-minded professionals similarly devoted to your niche of choice. The connections you gain as an M.Ed. student will pay dividends as you search for your dream job — and as you carve out your space within the greater professional community.

Apply New Skills on the Job

M.Ed. programs are developed with working students in mind. Yes, working while attending school can cause scheduling challenges, but it also provides a unique advantage: the ability to immediately apply newfound knowledge or skills in the classroom. While the M.Ed. primarily focuses on specialist or administrative training, much of the research conducted as part of this program is relevant in a classroom setting.

Master of Education Careers

An M.Ed. can open the door to several exciting positions within the ever-changing field of education. As mentioned previously, many of these leadership roles are unavailable to teachers who lack graduate-level credentials. If you aspire to move beyond the classroom, your M.Ed. could prepare you for the following roles:

  • Reading Specialist or Interventionist
  • ESL Teacher or Instructional Supervisor
  • Director of Special Education or Behavior Supports
  • Coach
  • Principal or Assistant Principal
  • Director of Curriculum and Instruction

Take the Next Step

Are you interested in learning more about the Master of Education program? Reach out to Carson-Newman University, contact an admissions counselor or request more information today.

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