11 Reasons Why Nursing Could Be the Career of Your Dreams

11 Reasons Why Nursing Could Be the Career of Your Dreams

Thinking of becoming a nurse? Few careers can rival the joy and responsibility of nursing. This is a career where you can excel with only a bachelor’s degree. At Carson-Newman University, we’re training tomorrow’s nurses to succeed in one of the most rewarding and fulfilling careers available. If you’re wondering whether it’s worth the time and investment to become a nurse, here’s what you should know.

Rewarding Career

How would you define a rewarding career? Most of us, when asked this question, immediately envision a big salary. Other perks might be having a job that offers good benefits, such as paid time off and health insurance. We might describe a position that offers opportunities for advancement or excellent job security. Each of these factors is important on its own.

What we sometimes forget to mention is that to be truly rewarding, a job needs a purpose. There must be a good reason for reporting to work each day, and it must be something that aligns with our own individual ideals and vision.

Nursing offers all of the above.

Why Nursing Is a Rewarding Career

Why does it feel so good to be a nurse? Each of us would answer this question differently. Some might talk about the opportunity it affords them to help people in need. Others might mention the considerable availability of jobs. There are numerous arguments for studying nursing. Some are more important than others, but they all total up to describe a highly fulfilling career. A few of the most commonly mentioned benefits of becoming a nurse include:

1. The Opportunity to Make a Difference in Other People’s Lives

Few jobs give you the opportunity to heal someone’s physical pain. When you place a bandage on a wound, you’re doing much more than just stopping the release of blood. You’re giving your patient peace of mind. They can relax, knowing something is being done to help them.

As a nurse, you’ll experience scenarios like these often. You may have the opportunity to work in an emergency room, helping patients in crisis. You may work on a maternity floor, assisting a patient as they bring new life into the world. You could be the smile a cancer patient needs to get through chemotherapy or the reason why an elderly woman is able to remain in her home instead of in an assisted living facility.

2. The Chance to Be Continuously Learning

Being a nurse also means you’re constantly learning. You’ll learn from the doctors with whom you work, from your patients, and from your patients’ families. You’ll also learn a lot from your coworkers. To keep your nursing license, most states require you to earn continuing education credits over the course of your career because medical science is constantly evolving. These credit requirements vary according to the state where you work, and they’re determined by your state’s board of nursing. Typical requirements might include:

  • Accruing a specific number of contact hours over a two-year period
  • Working a specific number of hours as a nurse over the course of a year
  • Accruing experience in specified areas, such as child abuse reporting or infectious diseases

As a nurse, you’ll be a lifelong learner, consistently gaining knowledge of new drugs, techniques, and equipment.

3. The Many Career Growth Opportunities

With the right nursing credentials, you may have the opportunity to advance your career in many directions. You may decide to go back to school and earn another degree, or you may decide to change the department in which you work. You might change your area of specialization by earning additional college credits or decide to relocate to an area of the country or the world where healthcare is desperately needed.

4. The Constantly Changing Nature of the Job

Nursing is many things, but few would call it boring. Nurses are so in demand today that most find themselves working outside their realm of expertise, stretching their skills in various new ways that make for an exciting day. You may find yourself treating patients one day and attending a seminar the next. You could also be called upon to travel to the scene of a disaster, such as a plane crash, to set up triage.

5. Getting to Work With a Team

Nursing requires a lot of teamwork. From partnering with a colleague to moving a patient from bed to bed to working as part of a surgical team, you will always have your role to play. You’ll have the chance to polish your skills in collaboration and communication, and you’ll get to experience the sense of belonging that comes with being a part of something much bigger than yourself.

6. The Job Security That Nursing Offers

There is currently more demand for skilled nurses than there is supply. This translates into solid job security, meaning you’ll have little to fear when it comes time to find the job of your dreams. With the proper training, education, and experience, you can ensure your resume stays at the top of the stack. You’ll likely have little worry regarding layoffs or termination so long as you perform your job the way you were trained to.

7. Flexibility

Nursing often offers flexible hours, with plenty of opportunities for overtime. You may have a choice of shifts as well. Many hospitals and medical centers are adopting new practices for nurses to help ensure their satisfaction. This may include working only weekends, working only through the week, picking up shifts when desired, and moving between medical facilities to fill in where needed.

8. Benefits

The job benefits of working as a nurse are among some of the best available. Nursing currently offers good pay and good job security. To keep the nurses they have and to attract other highly trained nursing professionals, most employers offer additional perks which may include:

  • Hefty sign-on bonuses
  • Reimbursement for certification fees
  • Tuition reimbursement
  • Life and health insurance
  • Paid vacation
  • Paid sick time
  • Paid family leave
  • Help with childcare

If you decide that nursing is right for you, you may be surprised to learn how hard your employer will work to keep you coming back each day.

9. Travel Opportunities

Nursing may also afford you the opportunity to travel between facilities, between states, or even internationally.

10. Simple Wardrobe

As a nurse, you’ll wear a uniform. This may vary according to your role and the facility where you work, but generally, it includes simple, comfortable scrubs that fit loosely and allow easy movement.

11. Nurses Are Celebrated/Respected

Nursing has always been a respected career, but since the public health crisis, reverence for nurses and others in the medical profession has reached an all-time high. In this position, you’ll be respected by your community, your patients, and their families.

Is Nursing a Good Career?

Why is nursing a rewarding career? For the right person, there’s no better choice. If you’re someone who enjoys helping others, works well as part of a team, and enjoys learning new things, you’re going to love your new career as a nurse.

When you’re ready to launch your nursing career, we invite you to explore the Bachelor of Science in Nursing offered by Carson-Newman University. C-N is a Christian university that offers small class sizes and a wealth of clinical experience to help you hit the ground running upon graduation. Learn more today at

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