MBA in Entrepreneurial Leadership

MBA in Entrepreneurial Leadership

The MBA in Entrepreneurial Leadership serves the seasoned business leader by improving and strengthening skills to navigate the changing business environment. It also equips the aspiring entrepreneur by enabling them to navigate the competitive business landscape to create their own paths to business success. 

The MBA in Entrepreneurial Leadership at Carson-Newman is a unique offering in the MBA marketplace. It is designed to showcase four areas of distinction:

  • Academic Rigor that showcases a stellar, student-oriented, business-experienced faculty
  • Customization that allows students to tailor elements of the degree to their particular career interests
  • Practicality by having access to some of the most experienced and successful entrepreneurs in East Tennessee who will serve as coaches and guest lecturers throughout the program of study.
  • Biblical Worldview will be pervasive throughout the curriculum. All faculty will be faithful followers of Jesus Christ and will be experienced in not only viewing leadership through the lens of biblical faith but also in expressing an authentic biblical faith through both their lifestyle and leadership in the marketplace.

When these four elements are combined to shape the curriculum, the result is better-equipped and better-prepared business leaders entering the marketplace!


The aspiring entrepreneurs are initiated with a weekend experience to introduce the program expectations, the faculty and lectures about entrepreneurial leadership. The student progress through the next four entrepreneurship courses and emerge with a new venture proposal. The program culminates with a weekend event where the student pitches their ‘big idea’ to venture capitalists.

  • MGT 525 — Leadership — A Biblical Perspective
  • ACCT 510 — Accounting and Financial Mangagement
  • ECON 530 — Managerial Economics

  • BAD 570 — Business Law and Ethics
  • BAD 560 — Quantitative Method for Managers
  • FIN 510 — Advanced Corporate Finance

  • MGT 550 — Strategic Management
  • ENTL 510 — Introduction to Entrepreneurial Leadership
  • ENTL 520 — Marketing for Entrepreneurs

  • ENTL 530 — Product Innovation for Competitive Advantage
  • ENTL 540 — Marketing Analysis for Competitive Advantage
  • ENTL 590 — New Business Venture Planning

The curriculum requirements for the MBA in Entrepreneurial Leadership are as follows:

Summary of Total Credits (MBA Business Core) = 21 credits
Entrepreneurship = 15 credits
Min. to Earn MBA/Entrepreneurial Leadership = 36 credits

Preliminary Curriculum

The following courses are listed as either requirements or course substitutes for the Center for Entrepreneurial Leadership’s preliminary curriculum:

Intrapreneurship — change agents within an organization

  • What is intrapreneurship?
  • Intrapreneurship 101
  • Expected outcomes
  • Who and how to engage
  • Christian ethics

Innovation readiness

  • Intellectual Property
  • Prototyping and Beta Testing

Opportunity spotting

  • Introduction to business models
  • Customer Discovery
  • High-Level End-Use Development

Making the case & advocating for the firm

  • Market research fundamentals
  • Development of performance-based dashboards
  • Strategic management frameworks
  • Selecting and working with mentors

Business planning within the firm

  • Business model development
  • Financial management
  • Funding strategies (short and long-term)
  • Moving from business model to business planning

Launching and executing an innovative initiative

  • Operations
  • Developing sales and customer support processes
  • Backoffice systems
  • Presentation strategies
  • Celebrate success

An additional course substitute is MGT 525 (Leadership).

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