Visitor Parking

Visitor Parking Regulations

Definition of a Visitor: Persons not connected with the university who occasionally has reasons to be on campus.

Visitors and guests must register their vehicles and receive a Temporary Parking Pass, which will be valid for a set period. Decal holders who drive on campus in a vehicle without a decal (rental car, leased vehicle, borrowed) must apply for a Temporary Parking Pass at the Department of Public Safety. Visitors dining and parking in the Chick-Fil-A designated spots or visiting the book store at the Maddox Student Activity Center are exempt from this requirement. The Driver is to provide a vehicle description, contact information, and the expected period the vehicle will be on campus. The Temporary Parking Pass will be placed on the dashboard with the verbiage facing the front windshield.

All parking in University lots is by permit only. Maps of campus and Visitor parking permits are available at the Department of Public Safety located at 2209 Branner Ave, the switchboard in the Fite Administration Building located at 1646 Russell Ave., and at the Admissions Office located in the Butler Building 1645 Russell Ave., Visitors are required to secure and display a valid parking pass when parking in University lots.

University Departments that invite visitors to campus should contact The Department of Public Safety to arrange visitor parking. Requests for special guest parking should be submitted to the Department of Public Safety as far in advance as possible. Special event parking requests including arrangements for conference parking should be submitted at least seven (7) days in advance in order to coordinate the numerous parking requests received. The Department of Public Safety is the only authorized issuer of parking passes on campus and may be reached by calling 865-471-3559 or 24 hour number 865-548-9067.