Friendship Family Program

Apply for the Friendship Family Program

The Friendship Family Program at Carson-Newman University pairs international students with local families with the intent to cultivate global friendships, awareness and mutual cross-cultural exchanges.

Carson-Newman is home to more than 100 international students from over 45 countries. The goal of the Friendship Family Program is to help international students feel more connected and at home in Jefferson City and surrounding communities. Local volunteers are asked to complete an application and background check prior to being placed with a student.

Interested students and local volunteers can apply to participate in the Friendship Family Program by using the links below. Global Education staff will match international students with local volunteers based on the information provided in these applications. For questions or concerns about the program, contact the Center for Global Education.

Participant Expectations

  • Be a friend. Living in a new culture can be challenging. Treat your student as you would want to be treated if you were visiting their country. Be patient and welcoming.
  • Be an ambassador for our community. Share resources, information and opportunities that might be helpful. Invite your student to local events and activities.
  • Be a learner. Look up your student’s country and ask them lots of questions! Remain open-minded and curious.
  • Be available. Plan to interact with your student on a regular basis.
    • Contact your assigned student within the first week of receiving their contact information.
    • Plan to check-in with your assigned student weekly via text, phone call or email. You can also send a note or a care package to their campus mailbox.
    • Plan to have a monthly in-person meeting. Invite them for dinner, go on a hike together, attend a C-N athletic event or meet somewhere for coffee.

  • Be a friend. This is a great opportunity to make a long-lasting friendship during your time at C-N.
  • Engage with your family. Respond to your local family’s calls, texts and emails. Ask questions and invite them to campus athletic events and activities.
  • Represent your culture. Share your stories about home — tell your local family about your country’s culture and what you miss from home!
  • Plan to have weekly contact from your local family and a monthly in-person meeting.

*Please note the Friendship Family Program is not intended for financial support. Students may NOT ask for money from their Friendship Family. In addition, the family is not allowed to offer or arrange employment for a student, provide immigration or academic advising or a means to sponsorship or provide housing. Students should NOT move into the home of their assigned family.


Bevan B. Brown

Assistant Director of Center for Global Education

Center for Global Education
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