Program Overview

Did you know that four distinct Greek words and three distinct Hebrew words are translated into English as “love”? How are these ancient words similar and how are they different? In this major, you will answer this question and many more! Imagine how your understanding of the Scriptures and your faith will grow by reading the original languages of the Bible. By learning the original languages of the Bible, you will both deepen your understanding of the Scriptures and prepare for seminary/graduate school or future ministry in a profession. You will graduate from this major with the ability to read and translate the Bible from its original languages of Greek and Hebrew. Come join this program and learn from faculty members who deeply love the Bible, who mentor their students, and who will view themselves as a part of God’s plan for your life.

  • A better grasp of Hebrew and Greek has brought the Bible alive as much as traveling in the region has for me.
    Peter N. Ott, 2003 / Chaplain (LCDR) / United States Navy
Biblical Languages Careers

• Campus Ministry
• Chaplain role in a hospital, military branch, or other organization
• Missionary
• Pastoral Role in a Church
• Professor
• Researcher

Biblical Languages Internships

• Auditor
• Tennessee Valley Authority
• Tennessee Department of Revenue
• Coulter & Justus PC
• Northwestern Mutual
• Mahle Brown
• Jake and McDaniel, PC
• Merrill Lynch
• H&R Block
• Stewart & Wheeler PC
• Marble Slab Creamery
• Pugh CPAs

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