Brand Guidelines


A brand is without question one of the most valuable assets of an organization. Our University is no different. Our brand states who we are; what we offer; why we are a better choice than our competitors; and why we are the best choice for a particular audience

Carson-Newman University’s logo is the foundation of our visual and brand identity.

The official university logo is the Nested C-N. It must be present on all internal and external communications from the university. It provides instant recognition and connects all activities back to Carson-Newman. The logo may not be altered in any way and must be used as a prominent graphic element on all print and digital platforms. Our University name DOES include a hyphen, which must be used in any of the following variations:

  • Carson-Newman University
  • Carson-Newman
  • C-N

*Please DO NOT use the following abbreviations under any circumstance: CNU, C-NU or CN

There are several versions of the logo for various applications and design needs.

Only the Office of Marketing and Communications may create logo files. Each university department, division, or office may request a custom logo that falls within pre-established guidelines. If you need a logo created, please contact Marketing and Communications.

The primary university logo is a nod to our heritage and legacy.

Carson-Newman can trace the Nested C-N concept back to 1916. A version has been used in every decade since. The logo combines multiple elements- the Nested C-N, our name, and who we are. Together the icon and the wordmark uniquely identify both our tradition and our mission. It must be present on all internal and external communications. There are multiple variations to suit audience, message, and platform.

THe Graphic Mark

The Nested C-N is only approved for use on apparel and promotional items. It may not be used by itself in any other application, and is reserved for use solely by the Office of Marketing and Communications for design and publication

color variations

The logo is available in two alternate color variations and may not appear in any configuration than listed.

Style variations

There are two alternate arrangements of the logo that may be used as needed.

Departmental Logos and Identifiers

Logos to identify specific offices, schools, and departments on campus are available for use and come in three designs. The logo system allows for individual programs to be identified while still maintaining the brand established in the primary logo system.

social media icons

Icons, Images & Avatars

Icons or profile photos are available to all groups with official social media accounts. Contact Marketing and Communications if you would like to use the Nested C-N icon for social media. The social media icon may only be used for social media. It may not be used in print, on merchandise, or other electronic medium.


Please use a standard logo in an approved color configuration when designing apparel or promotional items. You must always use an approved vendor. If you need help with a design or finding a vendor, please contact Marketing and Communications. Logo variations may, in certain circumstances, be approve for use by Marketing and Communications. Under no circumstances are logos to be changed without express, written consent.

Sometimes the only option may be a one-color print. The logo may be reproduced in one-color like this:

quick tips

Dos and Don’ts


  • Always use the files created and provided by the Office of Marketing and Communications
  • Always include the university logo or departmental logo in all communications
  • Always adhere to space and size standards
  • Always include the hyphen in the University name and/or abbreviation (C-N)
  • Always contact Marketing and Communications if you have questions or need help


  • Don’t use unapproved colors or designs.
  • Don’t use CNU, C-NU or CN
  • Don’t design a logo yourself. Marketing and Communications is here to help!
  • Don’t alter logo files. If you have trouble with a project, contact Marketing and Communications.
  • Don’t use more than one logo in a design.
  • Don’t add or subtract anything to the logo.


Contact the C-N Marketing and Communications Department, which is located on the 2nd floor of Butler Hall.