Athletic Trainer

Carson-Newman University is a Christian, liberal arts-based University built upon the Lordship of Jesus Christ as evidenced historically and revealed in the Scriptures. 



Reports To:_ Associate Athletic Director for Sports Medicine                                                          

FLSA Status:_Exempt

Time Requirements:_Full Time, 40+ hours per week                                      

Summary Description:_ To assist with the supervision and coordination of the University’s overall Sports Medicine program, including, but not limited to: injury prevention, evaluation, management, and treatment of athletic injuries, short-term and long-term rehabilitation of athletic injuries, education and counseling of student-athletes, and athletics related health care administration in consultation with and under the supervision of the Associate Athletic Director for Sports Medicine, Medical Director, Team Physician(s) and other qualified medical personnel.

Functional Description:

  1. As an intentionally Christian academic community, Christian employees are hired to advance the mission of Carson-Newman as expressed in our strategic plan, Acorns to Oaks.
  2. Advise and seek direction from the Associate Athletic Director for Sports Medicine with regard to any and all duties.
  3. Provide Sports Medicine for the University’s athletic department as directed by the Associate Athletic Director for Sports Medicine, Medical Director, and/or Team Physician(s), including attendance at scheduled team practices and home and away competitions as necessary.
  4. Assist with the coordination and scheduling of student-athletes for physical examinations, and medical referrals, and determine a student-athlete’s ability to practice and/or compete in consultation with the Medical Director and Team Physician(s);
  5. Consult with the Associate Athletic Director for Sports Medicine, Medical Director and Team Physician(s) for guidance on the treatment of injured student-athletes, and report on their progress.
  6. Report the status of injured student-athletes to coaching staffs and periodically meet to identify and discuss problem areas;
  7. Assist with the compilation, input, organization, and maintenance of all medical records on University student-athletes, and share in the responsibility of maintaining and organizing the athletic training room file system;
  8. Maintain a detailed and accurate inventory log of all over-the-counter medications, and is responsible for the proper storage of all over-the-counter medications as dictated by the appropriate rules and regulations;
  9. Review and approve all medical bills and insurance claims to determine accuracy and compliance with National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) rules and regulations, and supervise the prompt processing of all medical bills and insurance claims;
  10. Secure and maintain all student-athlete’s insurance policy information;
  11. Assist with the establishment and enforcement of codes of conduct and rules of use for the athletic training facilities and equipment;
  12. Assist the Associate Athletic Director for Sports Medicine in the development and annual review of appropriate policies for the athletic department and Sports Medicine.
  13. Share in the responsibility of athletic training room maintenance and upkeep;
  14. Cooperate with the Sports Information Director and staff with regards to the status of injured student-athletes for dissemination to media outlets;
  15. Assist with the organization and administration of an Exposure Control Plan for Bloodborne Pathogens as dictated by the State of Tennessee and the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA);
  16. Work in conjunction with the strength and conditioning staff with regard to the strength, conditioning, and flexibility of student-athletes, nutritional issues, injury prevention, exercise technique, and rehabilitation of injured student-athletes;
  17. Work in conjunction with the AraMark dining services, Associate Athletic Director for Sports Medicine, Medical Director, Team Physician(s), and various coaching staffs and other personnel regarding student-athlete nutritional issues, including but not limited to the prevention and treatment of eating disorders, weight gain and weight reduction techniques, and training table and travel menus.
  18. Work in conjunction with the coaching staffs regarding the safety of the athletic equipment, testing new equipment, to aid in the purchase of shoes and protective equipment, and to facilitate proper methods of fitting athletic equipment;
  19. Maintain a good working relationship with the athletic department staff, physical plant and grounds department regarding the safety of practice and competition surfaces and general field/court conditions;
  20. Represent Carson-Newman University, the athletic department, and Sports Medicine at University, conference, and/or national meetings as required or requested;
  21. Maintains certification and license requirements of the National Athletic Trainers’ Association Board of Certification (NATABOC) and the State of Tennessee;  and
  22. Other duties as assigned by the Associate Athletic Director for Sports Medicine.

Supervisory Responsibilities:  Work Study Students   

Education: Bachelor’s Degree required, Master’s Degree Preferred

Experience: None required  

Required Skills:           Certification by National Athletic Trainers’ Association Board of Certification required

                                    Licensure as an Athletic Trainer by the Tennessee Department of Health

Physical Demands:  Most of the tasks an Athletic Trainer must perform on a daily basis are physical in nature. These tasks vary from routine ankle taping to lifting and moving heavy objects to the intricate work of closing wounds. The Athletic Trainer must be able to endure standing at games for up to 3 or more hours. Other duties of the Athletic Trainer require sustained focus for extended periods of time as well as decision making and communication skills. The Athletic Trainer must be able to work extended, unconventional hours, including evenings, weekends, and sometimes holidays including travel. This position requires the ability to sit or stand for long periods of time and move about athletic facilities as needed (including climbing stairs/bleachers). This position will also carry, move, and set up equipment pertaining to job responsibilities (e.g. training tables, water coolers, ice bags, etc.). This position is required to work home contests, and special events as needed, which occur at both indoor and outdoor venues. Ability to work in various weather conditions, including inclement weather, is necessary. The majority of this role’s schedule will be spent attending to student-athletes; these hours can be emotionally and mentally demanding, especially when dealing with someone who has just sustained an injury or is anticipating an upcoming surgery.

Employee Expectations:  The University expects all employees to conduct themselves in a manner that is appropriate for a Christian institution and to be worthy examples in moral conduct and behavior for the students of the University and fellow employees.