Starting College Classes? Here Are 16 Items All Adult Learners Should Buy

Starting College Classes? Here Are 16 Items All Adult Learners Should Buy

Taking college classes as an adult learner can provide you with an exciting and informative educational experience. If you’re a new college student or heading back to school after taking a break, you might be wondering, “What should I bring to college classes?” It’s an excellent question – adult learners can certainly benefit from stocking up on supplies before starting college. 

College Classes

College classes offer a way to gain knowledge and build skills in one or more subject areas. Adults who go to college can take classes that explore an area of personal interest or prepare them for a particular career. From business and science to the arts, you can find classes in many fields. Signing up for college classes can be something to look forward to as an adult learner.

Items Adult Learners Should Buy Before Starting College Classes

What do college students buy? Knowing what kinds of items students typically purchase for school can help you plan your own shopping list before your first semester begins. College preparedness usually involves having all or most of the following items. 

1. Textbooks

Most classes have certain textbooks that college students use throughout the semester or year. Find out which textbooks your instructors want students to have, so you can purchase these before starting school. You can peek through them to get a better idea of what you’re going to be learning when you buy them early. 

2. Planner

Having a planner gives you a great way to write down assignment and project due dates, test and exam dates, and other important dates. This can help you keep track of your schoolwork and plan ahead, so you’ll have plenty of time for studying or working on projects and assignments. 

3. Computer

A computer with an internet connection is an important item to have, whether you go to college in person or online. Before you start college, review the software programs you’ll need to use for your classes. You can also set up folders on your desktop to keep school-related files and links organized. 

4. Notebook/Binder

Although you can type notes on a tablet or laptop, writing them down on paper can help you remember the material better. Purchase a notebook or binder for each class, so you’ll have a place for writing down notes and other material. You can flip through the pages of your notebook or binder easily while studying for tests and exams. 

5. Sticky Notes

Sticky notes offer a convenient way to jot down a quick note or mark certain pages in textbooks or notebooks. You can also use sticky notes to keep track of upcoming items on your school to-do list, such as writing down an item and placing the sticky note on a mirror as a reminder. 

6. Folders

Folders are a great way to sort and organize school documents and papers. Consider getting a folder for each class, as well as a folder for official school documents, such as admissions or financial aid paperwork. Store folders neatly in a drawer or on your desk, so you can pull them out when needed. 

7. Pens/Pencils

Having plenty of pens and pencils handy is helpful when you’re a college student. Purchase a pack of each, and you should have enough to last throughout the school year. You might also want to get a pencil case to hold pens and pencils in your book bag, so you can easily grab one when you need to write something down.

8. Flash Drive

Flash drives are small, portable devices that plug into USB ports so that you can access files on them. They’re an effective way to carry school assignments and other materials around with you. With a flash drive, you can work on school-related tasks or study course materials no matter where you are. 

9. Calculator

Although your smartphone or tablet should have a calculator on it, you might need specialized calculators for certain kinds of classes. Plan on getting an advanced type of calculator for science or math classes. These devices make it easy to do formulas and other calculations with the touch of a few buttons.

10. Healthy Snacks

Going to college might mean spending long days on campus or working on school assignments. Having healthy snacks on hand rather than junk food can help you keep going. Consider keeping convenient, nutritious snacks with you, such as carrot sticks, nuts, fresh fruit, or pumpkin seeds. You’ll have healthy foods available to fill you up, so you’ll be less likely to look for chips, candy, or other unhealthy snacks.

11. Book Bag

A sturdy book bag makes it easy to bring all your books, notebooks, pens, pencils, healthy snacks, and other supplies with you while you go from class to class. Choose a book bag that’s comfortable to carry around on campus. You should also look for one that has multiple compartments, so you can keep your supplies organized and easy to access.

12. Coffee/Energy Drinks

Some college days are tougher and busier than others. You might find yourself having trouble staying alert when you need to study or focus on school assignments. Make yourself a cup of coffee before heading to school, or bring an energy drink with you. These kinds of beverages can give you a quick energy boost when you’re feeling tired or sluggish.

13. Hand Sanitizer

As you go through each college day, you’ll touch various shared surfaces, from doorknobs to desks. You might also use restrooms and eat meals on campus. Having a bottle of hand sanitizer in your backpack gives you a simple and quick way to clean your hands throughout the day. This helps lower your risk of getting sick or spreading germs around.

14. Dry-Erase Board

A dry-erase board offers a great surface for writing down ideas or working on assignments during the school day. You can also use this board to brainstorm or study while doing schoolwork at home. With this type of board, you can erase or change what you’ve written as needed. Look for a small dry-erase board that fits in your book bag, along with markers and an eraser.

15. Hoodie/School Swag

Getting a school hoodie or other swag gives you a chance to show your school spirit in class or at home. Visit your school’s campus store to look for items that have your college’s name and logo on them.

16. A Strong Support System

No matter what academic program you’re in, it’s a good idea to have a support system. Make sure you know whom you can turn to when you need emotional support due to stress or for practical support, such as study tips. This support system might include family, friends, study groups, and school counselors.

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