Program Overview

Physics is at the cutting edge of two very age-old activities: storytelling and building. You'll explore the story of our universe. What is it made of and how do things work? Physics also has many practical applications. You need to understand physics to build something, whether it's a skyscraper or a smartphone.

We offer different degree emphases. The applied physics emphasis allows students to incorporate interdisciplinary studies in mathematics, computer science, chemistry or biology. This prepares students for graduate work in engineering, health-related professions, or to pursue employment in a variety of technical fields. The professional emphasis prepares students for graduate work in either theoretical or experimental physics with the aim of becoming a professional physicist. Today, physicists build rockets, study properties of matter and particles, design quantum computers, and so much more.

Whichever degree path you choose, your coursework will include intensive classroom and laboratory experience, directed research and summer internships. You will be prepared for success in a variety of careers or to continue your education in graduate school.

Emphasis Areas
Applied Physics
Professional Physics

  • While at Carson-Newman I not only learned the math and physics that I needed to know, but I learned how to apply both to the real world. In my job as an engineer, these lessons have become invaluable and I use what I learned at CN every day.
    Lauren Morelock / Lead Manufacturing Engineer / Kelvion
Physics Careers

• Scientific research
• Engineering
• Education
• Physicist
• Entrepreneur
• Patent lawyer
• Science policy advisor
• High school physics teacher
• Military officer

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