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Applied Psychology

The Applied Psychology major is designed for students who plan to work on a career at the bachelors level or who plan to pursue graduate training in an allied health and human service field.

It is highly recommended that Applied Psychology majors who plan on working at the bachelors level after graduation or applying to a masters program in counseling or an allied health or human services field take an additional concentration, minor, or major in one or more career-related areas: human services, gerontology, English, mass communication, child & family studies, religion, environment & community, business administration, management, marketing, international education & missions, or computer studies.

Coursework for the Applied Psychology Major (36-37 Hours)

  • PSY 101:  Introduction to Behavior Science (3 hours)
  • PSY 102:  Understanding Human Behavior (3 hours)
  • PSY 206:  Human Development through the Lifespan (4 hours)

OR PSY 204:  Childhood and Adolescence (3 hours) & PSY 201:  Adult Psychology (1 hours)

  • PSY 213:  Statistics and Research Design (4 hours)
  • PSY 301:  Social Psychology (3 hours)

OR PSY 318:  Ecological Psychology (3 hours)

  • PSY 302:  Abnormal Psychology (3 hours)
  • PSY 305:  History and Systems of Psychology (3 hours)
  • PSY 412:  Senior Seminar (2 hours)
  • PSY 413:  Counseling Theories and Techniques (3 hours)
  • SOC 309:  Marriage and Family (3 hours)

OR CFS 301:  Family Relationships (3 hours)

OR REL 440:  Understanding Families (3 hours)

  • PSY electives (6 hours)

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