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  1. Pat Bivens

    Associate Professor of Music - Director of Bands
    P: 865.471.3496
    E: pbivens@cn.edu
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  2. Ryan Fogg

    Associate Professor of Music - Piano; Director of Keyboard Studies
    P: 865.471.2057
    E: rfogg@cn.edu
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  3. Angela Holder

    Chair and Professor of Music - Voice and Small Choral Ensemble
    P: 865.471.3409
    E: aholder@cn.edu
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  4. Mark Hussung

    Professor of Music - Piano
    P: 865.471.3406
    E: mhussung@cn.edu
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  5. Laura Lowell

    Administrative Assistant - Music Librarian
    P: 865-471-3330
    E: llowell@cn.edu
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  6. Clark Measels

    Professor of Music - Church Music; Director of the Ball Institute of Church Music
    P: 865.471.3480
    E: cmeasels@cn.edu
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  7. Richard Scruggs

    Associate Professor of Music - Saxophone/Theory/Chamber Winds
    P: 865-471-3435
    E: rscruggs@cn.edu
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  8. Derek L. Simpson

    Music Library Administrative Assistant
    P: 865-471-3330
    E: dsimpson@cn.edu
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  9. James "Jayme" W. Taylor

    Assistant Professor of Music ( Education/Instrumental)
    P: 865-471-3331
    E: jwtaylor@cn.edu
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  10. Eric Thorson

    Professor of Music - Choral/Conducting/Education
    P: 865.471.3422
    E: ethorson@cn.edu
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  11. Joshua Zink

    Assistant Professor of Music – Voice
    P: 865-471-3408
    E: jzink@cn.edu
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