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Pictured in banner: Dr. Shirley Hastings, Director of Strategic Planning for the University of Tennessee Extension and FCS Advisory Board, led the group in initiating development of a new three-year strategic plan (2018-2021).
Fall 2018
FCS Christmas Luncheon

Pictured above (left to right): Dr. Randall O'Brian, Rachael, Peyton, Jaiden, Natalie, Janelle, Alex, Mrs. Kay O'Brian, Mrs. Cindy Campbell

Pictured above: Students prepared festive plates for the Christmas Luncheon.

Christmas Decorating at Glenmore Mansion

Pictured above (left to right): Back row: Angel, Corena, Lindsey, Dr. Amber Roth, Dr. Rae Dutro
                                                Front row: Melanie, Kaitlyn, Jazlyn, Kendra

Pictured above: Kendra and Jazlyn decorating the Christmas tree.
Pictured above: Corena, Angel, Melanie, and Lindsey enjoying pizza for lunch.

Pictured above
: Dr. Coffey presenting FND student, Emily Brown, Bible Freshman Scholarship for Spring 2019.

Homecoming 2018
Along with the Homecoming celebration, the Family and Consumer Sciences department celebrated the 50th anniversary of our Kappa Omicron Nu Honor Society (KON) with faculty, alumni, family, and friends.

Operation Inasmuch

Pictured above (left to right): Front row: Lindsey, Ruthie, Alexis, Dr. Heather Whaley, Kaitlyn
                                                Back row: Elly, Andrew, Rachel, Dr. Amber Roth
C-NAFCS, C-NDA, CN-INTD student organizations participated in Carson-Newman's 10th annual Operation Inasmuch on Saturday, September 29. The students and professors enjoyed cleaning the second floor of Glenmore Mansion located in Jefferson City, TN. One student commented how much fun it was to have a hands-on experience in a historic mansion.

Pictured above: Ruthie and Andrew ready to get started.

Pictured above: Elly and Alexis carefully cleaning the chandelier in "Aunt Hattie's bedroom".

Pictured above: Elly and Lindsey's senior year Operation Inasmuch.

FCS Faculty Retreat at Buckhorn Inn

Pictured above: The FCS faculty/staff are welcomed by Innkeeper, John Mellor, at their fall 2018 retreat at Buckhorn Inn in Gatlinburg on August 20.

Pictured above: The all-day retreat began with a presentation by Dr. Lisa Connor on the effect of media on children’s growth and development.

Pictured above: In preparation for the retreat, all faculty and staff read a best-selling book by John Kotter, on adapting to change, and received a mechanized penguin as a gift from Dr. Hastings upon completing the retreat.

Summer 2018
AAFCS Summer Conference in Atlanta, Georgia 

Pictured above: FCS Faculty attend the 109th Annual AAFCS Conference in Atlanta.
Left to right: Kim Johnson, PhD; Rae Dutro, PhD;  Kitty Coffey, PhD; Heather Whaley, PhD; Lisa Connor, PhD; Amber Roth, PhD

Pictured above: Lunch at the Georgian Terrace
Clockwise from left: Lisa Connor, Kitty Coffey, Kim Johnson, Rae Dutro, Heather Whaley, Amber Roth

Spring 2018

2018 Family and Consumer Sciences Honors Banquet
April 12
Stokely Memorial Cafeteria

The department honored 17 students with scholarships from 12 different scholarship funds and presented 5 students with 8 awards.

The Carson-Newman Association of Family and Consumer Sciences (C-NAFCS) presented the Distinguished Service Award to Carrie Owen McConkey in recognition of her leadership and service to the Department of Family and Consumer Sciences Advisory Board, for her service to the students through classroom panel participation and professional development presentations, and for generous support of student scholarships.

The Department was honored to have in attendance scholarship donors and representatives Ray and Barbara Bible (Barbara Bible Scholars), Wendy Royston and Meredith Royston (Walter and Elizabeth Peugeot Memorial Scholarship), Dr. Karen Rutledge, husband Dr. Stephen Rutledge, and daughter Alexandra (Barbara Mason McDougal Endowed Scholarship), Dr. Evelyn Simpson and son, Ed (Evelyn S. Simpson Scholarship), and Susan Tatum and Pearl Williams (Lida Pearl Connatser Memorial Scholarship). Dr. Diana D. Carroll, Professor Emerita, was presented with the C-NAFCS Lifetime Achievement award in recognition of her exemplary contributions to the Department of Family and Consumer Sciences, Carson-Newman University, and Kappa Omicron Nu.

Dr. Diana Carroll, Professor Emerita, with husband, Mike, and sister, Delores Coffey, received the C-NAFCS Lifetime Achievement Award.

Carrie McConkey Owen, Past Advisory Board Chair, with parents, Mr. and Mrs. Sterling Owen, and husband, John Owen, receiving the C-NAFCS Distinguished Service Award.

Barbara and Ray Bible awarding one of the four Barbara Bible Scholarships to Melanee Stone. Both Mr. and Mrs. Bible are former recipients of the C-NAFCS Distinguished Service Award.

Dr. Evelyn S. Simpson, Department Chair 1965-1980, with son, Ed, awarding the Evelyn S. Simpson Scholarship to Tammy Ward. Dr. Simpson celebrated her 100th birthday this past December 2.

The Tennessee Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics annual meeting

in Chattanooga on April 16

Pictured above: Dr. Kimberly Johnson; Amanda Watts Arnold 2009, dietitian with the Pain Management Clinic in Franklin, TN; Morgan Chafin Anderson 2013, Outpatient Oncology Dietitian Ballad Health in Bristol, TN/VA and Norton, VA; and Dr. Kitty Coffey.

Tennessee Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics 50-Year Member Award

Pictured above: Beverley Hammond, PhD, retired C-N adjunct faculty member and current member of the FCS Advisory Board which she chaired, receives the Tennessee Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics 50-Year Member Award at the 2018 spring meeting.

S.P.O.T.S. Spring Break trip to Alaska

Relational/Service/Elderly/Kids Ministry

Pictured above: Dr. Heather Whaley joined with Carson-Newman students to provide a service ministry to elders and kids in Alaska.

Cooperative Management and Housing Students
Visit Ray and Barbara Bible Residence in Morristown on Aging-in-Place Fieldtrip

Pictured above: CS 432 students visit with Barbara Bible (right) and Mary (“Pete”) Riley (left) following lunch on a field trip to the Ray and Barbara Bible residence. Students standing left to right are: Aaron Waldrupe, Sacha Keenan, Mallory Jackson, Kaitlyn Steele, Kari Hardison, Haven Holt, Carly Pippin, Ashley Kay.

The students observed adaptations to the 1960’s home made over a span of 50 years to accommodate progression in the life span. Afterwards, they enjoyed lunch in the dining room with faculty and other advisory board members as well as staff from the Office of Advancement. Both Mr. and Mrs. Bible are past chairs of the FCS Advisory Board.

Spring 2017
Honors Banquet

Pictured above left to right: C-NAFCS Distinguished Service Award honored Inez Webb for whom the second floor of Byle-Poteat is named. Her cousin, Imogene Brewer received the award for her.

Spring 2016
2016 Outstanding Service Learning Faculty Award

Pictured above: Dr. Kimberly Johnson accepts the 2016 Outstanding Service Learning Faculty Award from Dr. Christine Jones, Director of QEP, at the Twin Pillars Banquet on April 7.

2016 Outstanding Young Dietitian of the Year

Pictured above: Lindsay Miesel, 2009 graduate of the Didactic Program in Nutrition and Dietetics received the 2016 Outstanding Young Dietitian of the Year from the Knoxville District Dietetic Association at their May 4 Awards Reception. Presenting the award to Mrs. Miesels is Debbie Fox, Clinical Nutrition Manager of Parkwest Medical Center, Knoxville, Tennessee. Lindsay Miesel, 2009 graduate of the Didactic Program in Nutrition and Dietetics received the 2016 Outstanding Young Dietitian of the Year from the Knoxville District Dietetic Association at their May 4 Awards Reception. Presenting the award to Mrs. Miesels is Debbie Fox, Clinical Nutrition Manager of Parkwest Medical Center, Knoxville, Tennessee.

Luncheon honoring the retirement of Dr. Diana Carroll after 37 years of faithful service to FCS.

Pictured above: back row, left to right: Cathy Burchell, retired FCS Administrative Assistant, Tammy Hickle, CDL lead teacher, Cathy Bush, CFS/ECE Program Leader, Kitty Coffey, FCS Department Chair, Diana Carroll, Retired CS Program Leader, Heather Whaley, FCSE Program Leader, Nancy Farris, CDL Director, Stephen Huff, INTD Program Leader, Kimberly Johnson, Assistant Professor in FND, Front row, left to right: Judy Gooch, former INTD Program Leader, Linda McGoldick, Retired former FMD Program leader, current adjunct in FMD, Sharon Teets, former FCS professor, current professor in Education, and Jerry Day, retired former CDL Director and Lead Teacher.



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