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Computer Science

The computer science program develops skills in the theory and application of computer technology.

The major has two tracks:

  • Applied/Management Track: prepare students for careers in information technology, system administration, and computer project management;
  • Traditional/theoretical track: prepare students for careers in traditional computer science, programming, and software engineering.

Both of these tracks are designed around a common core of classes to which are added both required and elective courses specific to each track. This design makes it relatively easy to customize the major to your career goals and to switch tracks during your college career if your interests change.

As you move closer to a career, we will advise you on the appropriate upper-level courses to best prepare you for a specific field.

To major in computer science:

  • complete 18 hours in the computer science core
  • complete 27 hours from your selected track
  • complete 6 elective hours.

Additionally, computer science majors must complete all general education requirements. For a minor in computer science, you must complete 12 required hours from the computer science core as well as 6 elective hours.

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