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The Chronicles of Narnia: The Silver Chair Program

The Chronicles of Narnia: The Silver Chair

Written by C.S. Lewis

Adapted by Jared Eddy



Jill Pole – Mariah Whaley

Eustace Scrubb – Elijah Whaley

Puddleglum – Helen Donahue

Aslan – Alan Hachey

Aslan’s Voice – Greg Jackson

Queen of the Underland – Lilly Deal

Prince Rillian – Caleb Shaver

Glimfeather the Owl – Leigha Mozingo

Trumpkin the Dwarf – Autumn Roberts

Bully/Owl/Warden/King Caspian – Riley Wilson

Bully #1/Owl #1/Earthman – Nathan Smith

Bully #2/Owl #2/Earthman – Ethan Smith

Bully #3/Owl #3/Earthman – Iris Otley

Wolf/Queen Caspian – Emily Uhls

Faun/Giant Man (Voice) – Daniel Cox

Rabbit/Giant Woman (Voice) – Rebecca Payne

Tree Nymph – Alexis Christensen

Water Nymph – Christina Varnes


Production Team

Director/Designer – Jared Eddy

Stage Manager – Gracie Keel

Carpenter – Alan Eddy

Charge Scenic Artist – Lilly Deal

Scenic Artist – Iris Otley, Elijah Whaley, Mariah Whaley


Special Thanks

Legacy Theatre, The Colonnade Players and Anita Newport.



Scene 1 – Behind the School Gym

Scene 2 – Jill is Given a Task

Scene 3 – Into Narnia

Scene 4 – A Parliament of Owls

Scene 5 – Puddleglum

Scene 6 – The Northern Wastelands

Scene 7 – Harfang

Scene 8 – The Underland

Scene 9 – The Silver Chair

Scene 10 – Back to Narnia

Scene 11 – The Final Chapter


Who’s Who

Alexis Christensen (Tree Nymph) is a freshman History major and Theatre minor from Ooltewah, TN (just outside of Chattanooga). She hopes to teach history and theatre to middle schoolers. She is so excited about this play, as it is her first performance at Carson-Newman! Some of her favorite previous roles include Grumpy and Gretal in Law and Order: Fairytale Unit, Aunt Beast in A Wrinkle in Time, and Deer in C.S. Lewis’ The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe. To God be the Glory! Romans 8:28.

Daniel Cox (Faun/Giant Man) is a senior majoring in Communication and Film & Digital Media. He has been on the Carson-Newman Tennis Team and is now a member of the Forensics Team. He was in the 10-Minute Play Festival last year, but this is his first actual play. When he messed up during rehearsals his excuse was: “Sorry, I’ve never played before.” So, if he messes up tonight, cut him some slack. He’s never played before.

Lilly Deal (Queen of the Underland) is a sophomore Theatre major at Carson-Newman University. The Chronicles of Narnia has been one of her favorite series since middle school. She is excited to work with an incredible cast and crew to bring this story to life. Previous credits include Freaky Friday (Savannah) and Newsies (Katherine Plumber), along with backstage and technical experience. Lilly would like to thank Jared Eddy for the opportunity to be a part of this show, her castmates and crew for the memories, and her family and friends for their unending support. (She would also like to add that she is not this mean off-stage).

Helen Donahue (Puddleglum) is delighted to make her collegiate debut at Carson-Newman. Her favorite credits include Emily Webb in Our Town with Lab 87, Lead Gargoyle in Hunchback of Notre Dame with Lyrique Music Productions, and Ghost of Christmas past in A Christmas Carol with Fantasy Playhouse Children's Theatre.

Jared Eddy (Director) is a senior at Carson-Newman University and will graduate May 2021 with a BA in Theater Education. He is thrilled to have the opportunity to direct his senior show, The Chronicles of Narnia: The Silver Chair. Jared has been involved in theater since middle school being a part of productions such as The Jungle Book, Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat, The Music Man, Beauty and the Beast, A Christmas Carol, The Arabian Nights, and The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe. Jared will graduate on May 7, 2021 and will be a 2LT in the U.S. Army after completing four years of Army ROTC. Jared is so thankful for his loving wife Savannah, amazing mom and dad—Alan and Beth, supportive brother Jacob, and all the countless friends who have helped him on the journey. He is also so thankful to the amazing cast that has sacrificed so much and worked so hard to bring this magical story to life. It has been a dream come true.

Alan Hachey (Aslan) is a senior Theatre Major and Film Minor. He has a passion for acting, writing, and directing, and has been acting since his senior year in high school. Productions at Carson-Newman include Joseph and the Technicolor Dream Coat (ASM), Charlotte’s Web (Gander), Joined at the Head (Ensemble), The Sparrow (Albert McGuckin/Jonathan Simpson), Freaky Friday (Ensemble), Junie B. Jones (Herbert), and many smaller productions. He’s excited to be working on this production and to transform into a lion, leaving his old life behind forever.

Gracie Keel (Stage Manager) is a senior Communication and Political Science double-major with a minor in Professional Writing from Jackson, TN. She hopes to attend law school after graduating in the spring. She has worked with the Carson-Newman theatre department during productions of Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat (ASM), When She Had Wings (ASM), Joined at the Head (ASM), Drowsy Chaperone (ASM), The Sparrow (SM), and Junie B. Jones (SM). She wants to thank her nerd, Patrick for his love and support through this show and semester, her family (especially Grandmother and PooPoo) for cheering her on and loving her always, her friends for always being down to spill the tea, and God, because without Him nothing is possible. She hopes y’all enjoy the show!

Leigha Mozingo (Glimfeather the Owl) is a freshman Early Childhood Education major here at Carson-Newman University. She has worked tech for multiple musicals at the Oak Ridge Playhouse as well as acted in 5 Chinese Brothers and Pinocchio. Leigha has also worked tech for 39 Steps and is so excited to be on Gentry's stage for the first time in Narnia.

Iris Otley (Bully/Owl/Earthman) is a senior Theatre major at Carson-Newman. She transferred to Carson-Newman last fall and has been involved in both Freaky Friday and The Women of Lockerbie. After graduation, she plans to continue working in the performing arts and wants to work in educational theatre. Iris would like to thank Jared Eddy for creating the opportunity to enjoy theatre during these crazy times. She would also like to thank Gracie Keel for her patience and phenomenal attitude (you’re the best, Gracie). Enjoy the show!

Rebecca Payne (Giant Woman/Squirrel) is so pumped to be in Narnia: The Silver Chair! She is super excited to be working with such an awesome cast. Previous credits include Junie B. Jones in Jingle Bells Batman Smells (Ms. Toots/Elf Ellen/Phillip Johnny Bob), Catch Me If You Can (Ensemble), Pippin (Ensemble), and Willy Wonka (Violet Beauregard). Rebecca would like to thank her family and her friends (who are still here and who are in heaven with the Lord) for their countless support throughout her theatre and college journey. She hopes that you have a fun time and enjoy the show!

Autumn Roberts (Trumpkin the Dwarf) is a freshman Biology and Psychology major at Carson-Newman University. Previous credits include Peter Pan, Lady Pirates of Captain Bree, Beauty and the Beast, The Christmas Carol, and was going to be in A Night at the Wax Museum before COVID canceled the performance. Autumn would like to thank her family and friends for always supporting her and coming to every show.

Caleb Shaver (Prince Rillian) is the crap-no-guys-auditioned-so-I-guess-we'll-cast-him of the theatre program. When he’s not in theatre, he likes to cosplay around campus as Salad Fingers, who he actually was the original model for. He is excited to finally be able to provide spaghetti and chili for audience members that come and see him after the show!

Ethan Smith (Ethan Smith) is a senior Business Administration major with an emphasis in Marketing from Oneida, TN. The Chronicles of Narnia: The Silver Chair is Ethan’s first production with the Carson-Newman theater department. He wants to thank the director, Jared for making this first experience being in a play enjoyable. Ethan also wants to thank his family for supporting him through whatever he does.

Nathan Smith (Bully/Owl/Earthman) is a senior Exercise Science major at Carson-Newman. He wants to be an actor, though. He wishes that he would have gotten a degree in theatre instead of a useless one like exercise science. He enjoys long walks on the beach and getting sand in between my toes. That’s what he would say if he enjoyed long walks on the beach and getting sand between his toes. ;) He likes to keep up with the Bachelor and Bachelorette (RIP Clare) and binge eat a jar of mayonnaise while he watches. He hopes you enjoy the show as much as he enjoys watching the audience from the back of the theatre.

Emily Uhls (Deer/Queen Caspian) is a junior at Carson-Newman, and she is majoring in Theatre. This is Emily’s 5th show at C-N, and she is gearing up to direct her own show this spring. She wants to thank everyone for supporting the C-N Theatre Department, and she hopes you enjoy the show!

Christina Varnes (Water Nymph) is a junior with a double-major in Communication and Theatre. She has previously been seen in The Drowsy Chaperone, The Sparrow, Freaky Friday, The 39 Steps and almost The Women of Lockerbie. Honestly, there’s not much else to say, but this is usually where people will get really sentimental or say something witty, but I can’t come up with either of those right now, so just pretend I did that. Good. Now lean over to the person beside you (as COVID restrictions allow) and say, “Wow. What that Christina girl wrote in her bio really moved me.” Anyway, I’d like to thank my mom, family, and friends for their wonderful support, you know who you are.

Elijah Whaley (Eustace Scrubb) is a 5th grade homeschooler with 5 siblings. He is very excited to be in this production with one of his sisters, Mariah. He has made so many great friends and has loved being in The Chronicles of Narnia: The Silver Chair. He hopes everyone enjoys the show and would like to thank Jared for typing his bio. Long live Eustache.

Mariah Whaley (Jill Pole) is 12 and a 7th grade homeschooler and is really excited to be in another show! Some of her previous credits include Encore Theatrical Company’s Madagascar: the Musical (Ensemble), Creative Theatre’s Annie (Orphan), Legacy Theatre’s Candle in the Window (Mabel), and Legacy Theatre’s Narnia: the Musical (Lucy), along with many church productions with Manley Baptist Church. She would like to thank Jared, Gracie, and the cast for their support. She is super excited to be in this show with her brother, Elijah, and is very proud of him. She hopes everyone enjoys the show! “Break a leg, everyone!”

Riley Wilson (Prince Rillian) is a senior Communication major and film minor. This is his fourth play at Carson-Newman. He has helped with technical aspects of Freaky Friday and 39 Steps and acted in the 10-Minute Play Festival last year. Jared is a goofball but knows what he’s talking about… some of the time. Riley wishes him luck with his senior show and hopes he does well serving our nation after graduation.

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