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 Scholarships: description and application

Description:   endowed scholarships for majors in chemistry/ biochemistry

Some aid is reserved for freshmen and sophomores; a larger amount is donor-restricted to upperclassmen. Awards are made annually on a competitive basis, but are managed so that continued or increased funding is available in successive years. Essentially all eligible upperclassmen have received at least some assistance in recent years because most of the scholarships can support multiple awardees. Only chemistry/biochemistry majors are eligible; other requirements may involve class (freshman to senior), financial need, academic ability, future promise, or Christian ideals. The awardees are selected by the chemistry faculty based on an applications, recommendations, and/or interviews. In most cases, these scholarships are in addition to other college aid (up to the total amount of tuition).

How to Apply:

Prospective students: Click here to download the application form and instructions. This form covers all scholarships for which you are eligible: the Albert L. Myers scholarship; the Carl Tabb and Catherine Bahner Scholarship, and (in certain years) the Holly Stubblefield Mathews Scholarship.

Transfer students: contact Dr. Christine Dalton or one of the other chemistry faculty for information and instructions.

Current CN students: Dr. Dalton provides the application form. If you did not receive a form or your eligibility has changed, please contact her. You are eligible for these scholarships: the Boyce G. Carson Scholarship, the Lena Masterson Collins-Samuel Cornette Collins Scholarship, and the Holly Stubblefield Mathews Scholarship.

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