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BS Degree in Chemistry

Choose this degree to prepare for graduate school in chemistry or employment as a professional chemist; it is also chosen by some who enter medicine or other health professions

Hours: 128 hours total; 40 in chemistry (research required);  47-48 in liberal arts core (requires COMM 135 Speech Fundamentals and 6 hours of foreign language), 20 in supporting courses (MATH 151, 152, 211,213--calclus; PHYS 201,202);  11 in electives; must serve as  treaching assistant (1 semester  for 1 lab).

Chemistry Course Number

Credit Hours

Course Title

Chem 103/104


 General Chemistry I/II

Chem 201


 Excel for Scientists

Chemistry 301/302


 Organic Chemistry I/II

Chemistry 305/306


 Quantitative Analysis/Instrumental Methods of Analysis

Chemistry 401/415//402/16


 Physical Chemistry I/II

Chemistry 411/412 


 Special Topics in Chemistry/Seminar in Chemistry

Chemistry 491-494 


 Research Techniques

Chemistry 300 


 Teaching Assistant

One example of a  4-Year BS Chem Course Plan

 Click here to go to the catalog for course descriptions; chemistry is on page 110 of the 2011/2012 catalog.

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