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BS Degree in Biochemistry

Choose this degree to enter the rapidly changing and growing fields of biochemistry and biotechnology—either immediately after college or before entering graduate school;  it is also a popular degree for students who want to enter the medical and other health-related fields.

128 hours total; 42 in chemistry and biology (requires research, COMM 135 Speech Fundamentals, and 6 hours of foreign language); 47-48 in liberal arts core; 3-7 in math strongly recommended;  31-35 in electives; must serve as teaching assistant (1 lab 1 semester). 

 Required Chemistry and Biology courses : 

  Chem 103/104 4/4 General Chemistry I/II 
 Chem 301/302  4/4  Organic Chemistry I/II
 Chem 303/304  4/4  Biochemistry I/II
 Chem 412  1  Seminar in Chemistry
 Chem 491  2  Research Techniques in Biochemistry
 Biology 105/106  4/4  General Biology I/II
 Biology 410 1  Directed Readings in Biology
 Biology 475  2  Introduction to Bioinformatics

Electives from either chemistry or biology as follows:


  Chem 305, 306, 401/415 or

   Biol 314, 316, or 320

 4  Quantitative analysis, Instrumental Methods of Analysis, Physical Chemistry I or Genetics, Microbiology, Molecular Cell Biology

 Click here for one  example of a 4-Year BS Biochem Course Plan.

Click here to go to the catalog for course descriptions; chemistry is on page 110 of the 2011/2012 catalog.

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