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The chemistry department is located within the Dougherty Science Building along with the other departments of the Division of Natural Science and Math.

DSC 303-Renovated lab dedicated to biochemical research and teaching

We are proud to reopen our biological and medicinal chemistry laboratory in the fall of 2006 following extensive refurbishing. It is dedicated to teaching and research in biochemistry. As our premier laboratory, it is equipped for experimentation in any area of biochemistry.

Chapman Research lab

The Chapman research laboratory was dedicated in 1985 to the work of longtime biology professor Dr. Joe Chapman. It is equipped for mammalian and yeast cell culture as well as a variety of preparative and analytical procedures.

Chemistry conference room

Adjacent to the biochemistry lab is our newly renovated chemistry conference room. This is available for student meetings and includes an area for reference texts.

Student lounges

There are two student lounge/study areas in the science building dedicated for use by chemistry or biology students.

Walk-in cold room/freezer

Adjacent to the biochemistry lab is a large walk-in cold-room that contains a variety of equipment needed for temperature-sensitive procedures. In addition, there are many refrigerators and freezers, including an ultra cold (-800C) freezer and liquid nitrogen storage.


A heated greenhouse is located on the roof of the science building for year-round growth of plants.

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