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Chemistry and Biochemistry


Chemistry is sometimes called the “central science”. Chemistry focuses on the composition, characteristics, and changes of matter and therefore has natural connections to fields as diverse as biochemistry and meteorology, medicine and engineering, archaeology and neurology, or electronics and psychologyAfter a 4-year undergraduate program in chemistry, some of our graduates go to work in government, industry, or education but others pursue further education—including graduate school, medical school, pharmacy school, or other health professions. To illustrate the many career options available in chemistry, here is a partial listing of actual positions held by CN chemistry graduates at various stages in their careers: laboratory research (basic and applied), medical missionary, manager of a manufacturing plant (US and overseas), high school chemistry teacher, environmental analyst, staff consultant in a law firm, university professor,chair of biochemistry in a medical school, pharmaceutical salesman, commercial developer of consumer products, senior director of Federal radioactive programs, patent-holding inventor, and manager (pharmaceuticals, personnel, research).

Thus, Carson-Newman chemistry alumni have had a positive impact on our world by saving lives, starting WebMD, inventing the gel pen and the anti-ozone ingredient that allows car tires to last 60,000 miles, inspiring students in high schools, universities, and medical schools, and managing large-scale scientific/technical organizations (polymer factories, research and development labs, and national radioactive waste programs). We invite you to join the family and invest your life for the good of mankind.

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