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Four Year Plan

It is important to have a plan every year you are in school - especially a plan for your career. Therefore, starting with your freshman year and continuing through your senior year, it is imperative to have a career-oriented road-map designed to get you ready for your career once you graduate.

Freshman Year

Take time to research the major you have chosen. If you have not chosen a major, click here for the available majors at Carson-Newman.

Become active on campus - participate in activities in your residence hall, attend athletic events, or join a club or organization.

Complete Career Readiness and Self Assessment in Focus 2. If you have not already created a Focus 2 account, please click here.   

Explore interests by shadowing and speaking with professionals in a variety of occupations. Find opportunities to intern using Handshake. Claim your account here and begin building your profile and searching for opportunities.

Attend career related workshops on campus.


Sophomore Year

Build your resume through involvement on campus and work-related experiences such as volunteering, part-time jobs, and internships, and consider studying abroad with such programs like Best Semester.

Have your resume critiqued by the Office of Career Services.

Continue updating your profile on Handshake and searching for work-related opportunities.

Attend career related workshops on campus.

Utilize the Explore Your Possibilities feature on Focus 2. For more information on what Focus 2 can provide, please click here.  

Consider double majoring or adding a minor.


Junior Year

For your elective classes, do not take classes just because they are easy. Take classes that generally interest you and provide knowledge or opportunities that can be applied to your career.

Attend career related workshops on campus.

Continue updating your profile on Handshake and searching for work-related opportunities.

If interested in attending graduate school, begin refining your lists of schools and programs that pique your interest. Be sure you understand what undergraduate courses are required for admittance and that you have taken or will take these courses before graduating. You can also learn of recruitment events and opportunities on Handshake.

Seek leadership in co-curricular activities.  


Senior Year

Create a LinkedIn account to begin establishing your professional network and searching for professional opportunities. For more information on LinkedIn, please click here.

Continue updating your profile on Handshake and begin searching for opportunities that fit your post-graduation plans, i.e. professional jobs or internships, fellowship programs, gap-year programs, etc.

Attend career related workshops on campus.

As you network, consider conducting informational interviews with professionals in your field.

Have your resumes and cover letters reviewed by the Office of Career Services and schedule a mock interview through Handshake.

Continue to add personal and professional value to your experiences as you make this final lap as a C-N undergraduate.

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