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All Students MUST change their password BEFORE July 30th.  - Unless changed after July 24.


I know it’s getting too hard to separate Phishing from real. I wanted to urge all students that this message is legitimate. (See your C-N Email from If you don’t want to follow the steps outlined then please pick up the phone and let the helpdesk help you with your reset. They can be reached at 865 471-3506.

Self service reset may ask for your SSN, but we were limited in the questions we could ask to get that set up. ( ) If you get to that screen though you were not using the proper method. Only choose “Reset Password” if you don’t know your current password. If you know your password, be sure to follow the sign in options.

We will work to make password resets better in the future.


David Tuell
Chief Information Officer
Information Technology
Carson-Newman University
C-N Box 72021 | Jefferson City, TN 37760
helpdesk: (865) 471-3506 | e-mail: |  

David Tuell, IO

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