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Virtual Relaxation Room

Welcome to our Virtual Relaxation Room. Follow the links below for deep breathing exercises to help reduce stress and increase relaxation, guided meditation to increase clarity and focus, study music,  calming games, and gratitude prompts. We hope you find these interactive tools useful as you begin to relax and destress.

Breathing Exercises                                                  Guided Meditation Videos

30 Second Breathing Tool                                          Guided Meditation for Sleep

3 Minutes of Mindful Breathing                                Guided Beach Meditation 

10 Minute Breathing Prompt                                      Inner Happiness

 Benefits of Deep Breathing                                       Christian Meditation

Study Sounds                                                             Gratitude Prompts

Calming Piano                                                             Benefits of Gratitude 

Relaxing Nature Sounds                                              Spiritual Gratitude Prompts

Christian Worship Music                                             30 Days of Gratitude 

Relaxing Games                                                         Relaxation Websites

Mandala Coloring Pages                                              Meditation Room


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