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Student Testimonials



Welcome to our student testimonal page. Here you will be able to view videos and read written testimonies of how C-N students sharing how Counseling Services was a useful resource for them.



"The Counseling Services here at Carson-Newman University really helped me during my senior year. During my last year here at Carson-Newman, I was experiencing some feelings of sadness and frustration, due to my thoughts and being so hard on myself. The counselors here were really able to understand me and help me in the process of changing my thoughts. Through many worksheets and meetings, I can honestly say that my mindset is now a lot more positive than it was whenever I first met with them a year ago. My thinking is also not as perfectionistic anymore, and I don’t tend to be so hard on myself when things aren't "perfect." Finally, the counselors were also able to help me in how I would approach a situation with my father. I have not talked to my father in eight years, so it was good to be able to talk to someone about that situation. After our talks, I now have the confidence and desire to attempt to restore this relationship this summer. Something that I would like to say to Carson-Newman students still here is do not be afraid to go to Counseling Services. We all have problems in our lives, so why not let those burdens go with the help of some caring counselors." Luke


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