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Tips to Prevent Sexual Assault

Tips for Men & Women

  • Trust your instincts
  • Be aware of your surroundings
  • Park in well-lit areas
  • Have your car keys accessible
  • Lock your doors 
  • Be clear about your sexual desires
  • Keep your cell phone charged and accessible for emergencies
  • If you are going out with friends, make a pact with them that you all go and leave together.
  • Remember that on campus, Security can walk you to/from your car just call them (865) 548-9067
  • Be aware that alcohol and drugs do effect your cognitive ability even if you don't feel buzzed or high
  •           Alcohol and drugs are involved in 90% of sexual assaults
  • Watch your drink, even if it is just water (see info on Date Rape Drugs)
  • If you are unsure of someone's intentions, ask them
  • Always ask for and gain permission before touching, kissing, or engaging in any sexual behavior.
  • Be assertive, say stop if somebody is doing  something that you dislike
  • No means no, even if the other person has given consent before, or did give consent seconds, minutes or hours before the encounter.
  • Watch out for your friends who may be taking advantage of by another or who may be the one attempting to take advantage of someone else
  • If  you see something suspicious, step in or find somebody else who can

Tips just for Women

  • Take the RAD class which is offered each semester 



  • Emergency: 911
  • C-N Safety and Security: 24/7 cell (865) 548-9067; back up cell (865) 389-9280
  • C-N Counseling Center: (865) 471-3350 or call Safety & Security to get a counselor
  • C-N Health Services: (865) 471-3350
  • C-N Dean of Students: (865) 471-3238
  • Click here to view C-N's Eagle Eye Security Guide "Sexual Offense Prcedures" (starts on the bottom of page 8)
  • Click here to view the Eagle Student Handbook
  • Sexual Assault Center of East Tennessee: 24/7 phone line (865) 522-7273
  •            Sexual Assault Center TTY phone (865) 227-1467
  • Click here to visit the Sexual Assault Center of East Tennessee’s (SACET) website
  • Click here to learn more about the SANE Center
  • Click here to learn more about getting a forensic exam at the SACET
  • RAINN hotline: 1-800-656-4673 it will route you to your local Sexual Assault Crisis Center. Or click here to view their website.
  • You may also report any incident related to sexual misconduct including harassment specifically to C-N University's Title IX Coordinator, Jimmy Wyatt 865-471-7164





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