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Individual Counseling

This is a one-on-one, approximately 50-minute session with a counselor to ask questions, to discuss a specific issue/problem, or to simply have someone listen.

Couples Counseling

This is a session(s) in which two people in a relationship discuss issues for them as a couple, as roommates, or as friends.

Support Groups

A group would consist of two or more students, who voluntarily want to share thoughts and feelings in a group setting. The participating students would have the same issue in common. The informal discussions would be facilitated by a counselor, and discussions would be confidential.


All client appointments, personal information and files are strictly confidential. Information you supply cannot be shared with others without your prior written consent. However under the below circumstances your counselor may be required by law to release information:

  1. To protect you or yourself from imminent serious harm.
  2. If there is a suspicion of child or elder abuse or neglect.
  3. If records are ordered to be sent for court purposes.

Educational Programs

Counseling Services works together with other departments and student organizations in an effort to provide quality educational programming on campus. We are capable and willing to talk on a variety of topics including, but not limited to: Depression, Stress, Body Image Issues, Alcohol & Drug Awareness, and Domestic Violence.

To schedule please call (865) 471-3350 or fill out a request form here.

Online and Distant Learners

In efforts to support our off campus learners, Counseling Services offers a Virtual Relaxation Room with interactive tools to promote relaxation and stress management as well as Tips in Success for Online Learners. For more information, visit our page for Online and Distant Learners.

Question, Persuade & Refer:

QPR is a suicide prevention program designed to educate the participant about the following: warning signs of suicide; how to question a person about suicide; how to persuade the person to get help; and how to refer the person to the appropriate resource. This suicide education and prevention program is offered on a regular basis to students, faculty, and groups. Part of the QPR mission is to save lives and reduce suicidal behaviors by providing innovative, practical, and proven suicide prevention training. “Ask a question and save a life” can make a positive difference in the life of someone you know.


Counseling Services offers an array of events from Yoga CLW's to Feel Good Fridays. Feel Good Friday occurs one Friday every month, and aims to promote mental health awareness while creating a fun space for students to hang out with puppies, games, music, resources and giveaways. If you are a student group interested in partnering with Counseling Services for an event, contact our Outreach Coordinator, Brooke Leach, at . For more information on events and event dates, follow us on Instagram @cn_counseling.

Interested in Learning More?

To learn more about the process of counseling please refer to the FAQ page.

If you are interested in counseling you may schedule an appointment by phone (865-471-3350), email (Jennifer Catlett,, Shannon Tuell,, or Brooke Leach or  in person (at the Kathleen Manley Building).

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