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Proposal Application for Research, Creativity, and Performance Day

The window for proposal applications is closed. The schedule of events will be available soon.


This proposal application is to be completed by a faculty sponsor who approves of the proposed presentation for inclusion in Research, Creativity, & Performance Day on Wed, April 8, 2015.

The deadline for submission of an application (and thus inclusion in the program) is Fri, March 27th!

Expectations for Presentations (by type):

  • Oral Presentations will be made by an individual student or small group of students to a seated audience and will be scheduled for 15 minutes (during daytime hours for undergraduates and evening hours for graduate students).
  • Poster Sessions will be scheduled for 45 minutes. Students (either individuals or groups) will stand by their posters for the duration of the session and explain their work to passersby. Posters should be designed for a professional and engaging academic setting.
  • Panel Discussions will be scheduled for 45 minutes. At least three students should be scheduled as panelists. At least 10 minutes of the 45-minute block should be allotted for audience interaction.

Note: Art displays and musical performances are being scheduled via email this year instead of using this online form.

Please contact John McClellan at jmcclellan@cn.edu with any questions.

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