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Getting Started Checklist


 There are three places that you are trying to get admitted to all at one time – the University, the teacher education program, and the BASE-TN program.  In an effort to consolidate the paperwork and make this all a little less daunting we have created a Getting Started Checklist which outlines the steps you will need to take.

Note that you will be asked much of the same information in the BASE-TN application.  The C-N application asks for 3 references; BASE-TN for 4.  We will use the BASE-TN references for your C-N application as well.

Additionally, the C-N application asks for a Statement of Purpose and the BASE-TN asks for a Letter of Intent.  Use the BASE-TN statement for that portion of the C-N application.

  • Download and complete the BASE-TN application form.  Again, don’t let it intimidate you.  We’re here to walk you through it.
  • Submit official transcripts from all colleges and universities that you have attended.
  • Submit four letters of recommendation.  Because BASE-TN requires some specific language, we encourage you to use these forms.
  • Submit appropriate standardized test scores as required for university admission.
  • Submit a current TBI background check (within the past two years).
  • Submit a copy of your current TN Teacher license (if applicable).
  • Arrange an on-campus interview which will be scheduled by the department.

 All of the above should be sent to:  Lisa Hodge, Department of Education – CN Box 72013, Carson-Newman University, 2130 Branner Avenue, Jefferson City, TN 33760.

DEADLINES:  Fall entry – August 1;  Spring entry– December 15;  Summer entry – May 1

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