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What areas will I be licensed in when I complete the program?

Upon successful completion of the program, you will be licensed in the Modified K-12 and Comprehensive K-12 areas of special education.

What happens if I can’t complete the coursework each semester?

You have three years to complete all coursework and other requirements (i.e., passing your licensure exams). If you do not complete the program in that time, you will be expected to repay the grant.

What happens if I don’t get a job in special education right away?

You have a six month “grace period” after completion to obtain an appropriate position. If you don’t then the grant will be treated as a loan which you will be expected to pay back to the state.

Can I submit letters of recommendation that are on-file from my old college?

The letters must be signed with a current date.

I can’t get all the documentation in on-time. Can I still apply?

We can allow some flexibility here. If most of the materials are in then you might be eligible for provisional admission. You can take up to nine hours of coursework while provisionally admitted.

I work full-time. Will classes be offered at times that I can take them?

Currently, all Fall and Spring classes are offered in the evening (5-7:30 p.m.) or online. On-campus classes will meet on the Carson-Newman campus in Jefferson City.

I am already a licensed teacher but want to add a special education endorsement. How many hours will I need?

A full review of your transcript is necessary to answer this question; however, it could be as few as 15 hours. In that case you would only “owe” the state one year.

Will these hours count toward my master’s?

Yes, if you are taking graduate courses then those hours will count toward an M.Ed. or MAT at Carson-Newman. BASE-TN monies will not cover the additional coursework, however.

Am I eligible for BASE-TN money if I’m working on a transitional license?

Yes, Carson-Newman works with transitional licenses. You would need to be enrolled in EDUC 666, Supervised Teaching Experience, in addition to other required courses.

I’m still confused. What can I do?

Contact Dr. Long who will try to talk you through it all. Her phone is 865-471-4775 and email is slong@cn.edu.

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